4 Twitter Tips to Help You Get More from the New Redesign

Twitter Tips to Help You Make the Most from the New Twitter Profiles

Did you already move to the new Twitter profiles?

If you haven’t, there is no better time than NOW!

And whether you like the change or not, doesn’t really matter. The redesign is here to stay, so we better look at the let’s-make-the-most-out-of-it side. 
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5 Cross Promotion Tips to Help You Get more Traffic and Followers

Cross Promotion Tips and Strategies for Marketers
On this blog I’ve been talking a lot about what you can do to harness the power of the different social networks and make an impact.

What I haven’t paid enough attention to is how you can “fuse” some of those networks together.

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How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts [Infographic]

How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts
These days pretty much everyone is on the social networks – some are doing it just for fun, others are trying to market themselves and build a name and third are leveraging social networks to build a business.

And while the above types of social media users are different from one another, all of them have one goal in common – to be heard.

After all social networks are designed namely with the idea of amplifying our voice and increasing the reach of our thoughts and ideas.

But if you want tangible results, simply having a profile set up is not enough.

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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Encourage Blog Comments

Blog Comments and Why You Should Encourage ThemRight from the start I am sure some of you guessed why I am writing this post…

For those of you who didn’t though, you have probably heard about Copyblogger. They are basically one of the biggest copywriting blogs out there.

And what they did a few weeks back surprised a lot of people…

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5 Simple Ways to Get More Plusses and Reshares on Google Plus

Google Plus - Getting More Plusses and ResharesIt seems like Google Plus is becoming more popular with each passing day. Recently I came across a research, claiming that Twitter and Google Plus generate equal amounts of traffic in the USA.

The researchers surveyed over 60,000 people, 22% of which said they visit Google Plus monthly – the same percentage as the ones who voted for Twitter.

Whether you believe that data or not, that is your own decision.

The fact however is that Google Plus isn’t the ghost town a lot of people think it is. Continue Reading