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Daniel Sharkov - author of Reviewz N TipsHi and welcome to Reviewz ‘n’ Tips – a blog all about helping you get a clearer understanding for blogging, social media and content marketing!

My idea is simple – to provide useful and easy to understand advice that can be put to practice by folks just like you!

I am Daniel Sharkov, a 20 year old computer science student, living in Beriln. I come from the small town of Rousse, located in Bulgaria.

I got into blogging in 2008 and it was all rather by accident…

One day I came across a post about blogging and SEO or something like that… There was nothing particularly useful in that post but it inspired me to read and learn more.

My first endeavour was a Blogspot blog, focused around sharing Photoshop tutorials.

I was always eager to click the “Publish” button and see people’s reactions. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of an interaction…

Over the next months I experimented with other topics, including a blog, where I reviewed different online tools. Those were my first steps and although I wasn’t able to bring much traffic and build a huge readership, this was valuable experience.

Then I decided to create something less amateurish…

That turned out to be the blog you are reading. As I began publishing new content more consistently, I soon saw traffic numbers going up. Each small spike was a motivation to keep pushing and here I am four years later!

Meanwhile I have also been working as a freelance writer, I’ve been doing blog reviews and social media consulting. More about my services you can learn on my hire me page.

Below you can see a collection of some of the posts posts I have written:

Social Media

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All in all with my content I am trying to help marketers, bloggers and social media enthusiasts, by providing insights, based on what I have personally tried and tested.

If you would like to stay tuned to my content, fill in your details below and I will keep you updated whenever I have something new!

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Thank you for reading and have an awesome day ahead!