4 Simple Blog Writing Tips to Help You Produce Content Daily

Blog Writing TipsWithout too much of research you can come across dozens of posts aimed to help you produce better content. In order to improve writing productivity however, you need one thing – to actually start writing.

You not only need to open up your text editor and write a couple of sentences once in a while. Consistency is the key and this means producing content on daily basis. As important as writing everyday is, not many are the ones doing it.

In the hope to help you with the task, I decided to put up this article. In the post I am going to look at four different blog writing tips that combined together are helping me make producing content a less challenging task.

The next paragraphs will help you turn writing into a habit and thus produce quality content in less time and with less effort:

1. Work on Multiple Articles

I’d like to start off by putting emphasis on the importance of having more than a single article to work on. If you want to be productive, it is essential to have at least 2-3 drafts waiting for you.

That way you can be sure that you are making progress at all time. If you want to write, you can just go on and write without having to go through the coming-up-with-ideas stage. The articles are there, you only have to pick one and get going.

On the other hand going from post to post can help you discover interesting ideas. While working on one of the articles, there’s a good chance to think of something relevant for another piece that you are stuck at.

2. Add Shortcuts to Your Articles

That’s another time saver in my list of blog writing tips. Not sure if I am the only one caring about this but I often times get frustrated, not because of writing, but because I have to spend time to actually find my drafts.

Having everything at the tip of your fingers keeps you concentrated on what matters and obviously helps you improve productivity.

So some of the things you can do to safe time on that aspect is to:

  • Bookmark the draft you are working on and make it first in the list of bookmarks
  • Pin the post to the taskbar (works on Windows 7)
  • Add shortcut to the drafts folder (or a bookmark if you’re doing it online)

3. If You Can’t Write Something, Skip it!

It is not uncommon for bloggers to just block while writing. You are writing, the flow is going well but then something happens and you just lose track. You drift away and forget what you were going to put up in the first place.

Staying on that same sentence for ten, fifteen or twenty minutes just to recall a word or phrase is a waste of time.

Instead of doing nothing, just move on. Continue working on another point of the same article. Write a couple of sentences until you can’t think of something else to add and once again move on to the next paragraph.

A good idea is to leave the introduction part for last. When you already have the content you can more easily find a way to sum it up with the opening sentences.

4. Know What You’ve Done and What You Haven’t

Tracking the progress on an article allows you to put things into perspective. That way you are aware of what you have already done and more importantly what more there is to be done thus you can work less  and more effectively(see “Become More Productive by Working Less)

What I do before actually writing is to:

  • Come up with the title
  • Add keywords for the introduction
  • Write bullet points for the paragraphs

From that point on whenever I finish one of those I calculate the progress in percentage and add it before the title (e.g. 10% – *article’s title*). Along with this I also highlight the finished paragraphs with green, the ones I haven’t started working on with red, and the work-in-progress ones with yellow.

Seeing the percentage and the highlighted areas growing is actually a motivator to keep writing. Try it out yourself if you don’t believe me!

Final Words

The above blog writing tips might seem straight-forward but often times the simplest of ideas work the best. Hope you enjoyed them! Now, it’s your turn! Let me hear your thoughts – do you agree to them? What else is helping you keep writing productivity at its highest?

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  1. Thanks for these simple buy useful tips, really beneficial stuff! cheers.. :)

  2. Great pointers, It is really important to keep writing on different niche to improve writing skill, it gives the idea to on how to represent the various content according to readers expectation and one we get the nerve of a reader we only need to provide them with updated information to them to make the reader stick to the content, which simultaneously make our writing worth.

  3. Hey Daniel,

    This article is really fantastic and I’m sure every Blogger trying to be successful in their fields will resonate with it as I have too.

    Thanks for sharing brothe, do have a lovely weekend :)


  4. Also, having some regular features helps, like interviews, book reviews, link roundups, even guest posts. Then you aren’t always trying to come up with new ideas from a blank slate.

  5. One more tip is to keep an old fashioned notebook and pencil handy, when something comes to mind jot it down. Ideas seem to flow more easily with just a pen and paper. Get the ideas down while they are fresh in your mind and you can always edit it on the computer later.

  6. I’d also add, making a list of ideas to turn into posts. I keep a document that I top up every time I get a random idea. When inspiration is lacking I look at that document and there is always something that gets me started.

  7. Thanks, Daniel! Once again, you’ve given me some homework. :-)