Three Blogging eBooks to Help You Make a Head Start

blogging ebooksSuccessful blogging comes down to pretty much two things. The first is quality content and the second is quality blog promotion. Both are very important if you want to build a loyal visitor base, get more subscribers, increase engagement and finally earn money.

That is why I decided to put up a list with the top three blogging  ebooks I have used and recommend. Taking the time to read and implement the techniques will help you grow your blog and build a social media presence:

How to Become a Productive Blogger

“31 Days to Build a Better Blog”

It’s no wonder that first in my list of blogging ebooks comes “31 Days to Build a Better Blog“. That is an eBook, written by probably one of the most successful bloggers nowadays - Darren Rowse. That fact alone is probably a good enough reason for giving the book a try.

Throughout the 94 pages, all packed with to say the least useful information, you will be given 31 different “tasks”. Although you are free to follow your own phase, each task represents one day (thus the title).

The tasks shed light on different blogging aspects including blog promotion, writing, dealing with blogger’s block and engaging with your audience. If you are new to blogging and to the different mechanics of traffic generation, the book will most certainly help you to improve and see results. Click here for more details!

How to Get the Most out of Twitter

“Twitter Dummy Guide”

Second in my list comes “Twitter Dummy Guide“.

Although not a blogging tips e-book, that one is a must read for any blogger. Twitter is an amazing platform and it can prove an awesome way for getting tons of traffic to your business. If used properly that is. 

And as far as using Twitter to the fullest is concerned, with more than 100,000 followers on Twitter, John Paul, the author of the eBook certainly knows more than a thing or two.

Twitter Dummy is not just a guide, aimed at helping you increase your Twitter followers. Although a variety of effective strategies on that matter are comprehensively covered, you will get to learn a much more valuable lesson – how to keep your followers.

You will learn exactly what type of content to publish, when to publish it and how to engage with your audience.

Obviously we aren’t talking about fishy techniques, including automation software or any kinds of cheating for that matter. The book leaves no stones unturned. Starting with tips on getting the most out of the 160 characters and creating a great bio to things like coming up with a quality background image, through the more complex stuff, like hashtags and all other small, but important routines you must follow. Click here for more details!

How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Content

“Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide”

Last but certainly not less important than the other two books in this list comes Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide.

The book is written by one of the top bloggers right now – Kristi Hines. She is the owner of the hugely successful blog about blogging, social media and marketing – Kikolani.

Her thorough articles, receiving hundreds of retweets, Facebook shares and comments are a good enough proof to Kristi’s expertise.

The book, as the title suggests, is aimed at helping you get more traffic. More specifically, its purpose is to help you promote the hell out of each and every article you publish.

Although quality content holds huge importance, hundreds of blogs with unique and actually useful information never get the audience and the attention they deserve. The reason behind that problem is that those blogs simply fail to promote their blog posts good enough.

That is exactly where Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide comes into play. Kristi will give you detailed step-by-step instructions to every single traffic generation strategy she has applied to her blog. Every single strategy is covered with all those small things that can end up making a huge difference. Click here for more details!