6 Effective Ways to Lower Bounce Rate and Keep Visitors Browsing

Lower Bounce RateTraffic. When people decide to create a website or start blogging, they see traffic generation as the only thing that matters.

At some point the countless of hours, days and weeks spent into building an audience pay off. Traffic numbers finally start growing… What a relief!

But does that really mean anything?Continue Reading

5 Easy to Implement Blog Design Tips to Help You Convert Visitors into Readers

Blog Design TipsWhen it comes to blogging, it’s not entirely about what you publish.

When a new visitors lands on your blog, you have to catch their attention. Otherwise you might have hard time getting them to scroll down and read.

Reviewz ‘N’ Tips is up and running since more than three years now and I went through a lot of design changes throughout that time…Continue Reading

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly and Improve User Experience

Mobile Friendly Blog TipsFollowing is a guest post by Celina Conner. Celina will walk us through three ways to improve the way our blogs look on mobile devices. Enjoy!

Fast to gain its lion share is the mobile market. Almost everyone today browses profiles and engages in personal, casual or business talks in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

As people go increasingly mobile, creating a mobile-friendly version of your blog is essential.Continue Reading