Twitter Strategy: How, When and What You Should Consider Tweeting

Improve Your Twitter Strategy

Remember the post where I talked about why you should include images in your tweets?

That is when I decided it is time to focus a little less on Google Plus (finally) and start paying more attention making more out of my Twitter presence.

Those last weeks I began working on finding ways to improve interaction (in terms of people favoriting, retweeting and replying) and things have been going rather smooth since then.

In the process I redesigned my Twitter strategy with better sharing in mind. Continue Reading

How Google Understands What You Want [Infographic]

How Google Understands YouWhen searching with Google you have certainly come across results that weren’t really relevant to what you were looking for. Everyone has and a lot of people complain about occasional irrelevancies.

And then again chances are that 99% of your searches have been successful and you were able to find what you were looking for. We know for a fact that Google offers some of the most precise results for pretty much any keyword.

But have you ever wondered how is all of this possible? What steps does the search engine take to give you the exact result you are looking for?Continue Reading

6 SEO “Strategies” that Might Cost You Traffic and Money

Bad SEO StrategiesI am definitely not an SEO guy. I’ve never liked spending too much of my time, trying to figure out ways to rank better for specific terms.

But then again over the last few months I’ve taken SEO a bit more seriously.

After all studies say that organic traffic is better than social media traffic in terms of conversion rates. And as we all know traffic alone doesn’t mean a thing. It is all about the conversion rates.Continue Reading

Why You Might Want to Consider a Subscription Popup for Your Blog

Sign Me Up

Popups… Why would anyone want to have a popup appear on their site?

Yeah, I know a lot of you dislike those silly little boxes that appear in the middle of the screen right when you are reading something interesting…

But then again isn’t this whole popup issue a little overrated?Continue Reading

3 Important Factors for More Blog Traffic (With Google Analytics Data)

Get More Blog TrafficI am really not a fan of the “traffic is everything” theory.

I mean traffic alone is worthless. It is just a number, showing how many people visited your blog the other day. But does that mean anything to you? No.

What I believe marketers and bloggers should pay a lot more attention to is the actual conversion.Continue Reading