Clicky Analytics Review: A Google Analytics Alternative You Might Like

Clicky Analytics ReviewTracking your visitors and analyzing their actions is crucial if you want to make money through your blog. Google Analytics is unarguably the choice for most bloggers and marketers. Unfortunately setting up the tool to work exactly as you wish is easier said than done.

In the hope of understanding my visitors’ behavior better, I did some research on a free web analytics tool that could do a better job.

It didn’t take to long to came across Clicky Analytics.The following article is all about it! Below I am going share my experience with the service and give you eight solid reasons to take a look at this great analytics tool:

It is All Done in Real Time

One of the best features that Clicky offers is the ability to track various figures as they are happening. Starting from who is actually on your blog at the moment and going through information, such as where those people came from, how much pages they have browsed on your blog or which page made them bounce off to another site, it’s all there!

All of this is done in real time and that can greatly help you identify problem areas. The information can also be of a good use when you are trying to find folks, who are really interested in your blog, so that you can reach out to them, get to know them better and eventually turn them into customers.

Straight-forward Installation

The great thing about Clicky Analytics is how simple setting it up is. Unlike other free web analytics, for the tool to work, you only need to add a simple tracking code in your template. WordPress users can simply install a plug-in that does this automatically.

You can begin tracking right away. After completing the integration part, you will immediately start seeing all of the available metrics.

Creating Goals is a Piece of Cake

As far as Google Analytics goes, I never really got the hang of setting goals there.

Things are far easier when it comes to doing the same with Clicky Analytics. While on the main dashboard, you only need to click on “Goals” (located in the same navigation bar) and then add the URL you want to track plus some other details.

There are also advanced options, including tracking revenue and doing split testings. Both are worth taking a look at!

Of course as with everything on this analytics tools it’s all done in real time so you can see how many goals are being reached at the current moment.

Twitter Search Tracking

Another interesting feature involves Twitter and more specifically Twitter’s search engine. Clicky Analytics lets you monitor a keyword and gives you a solid amount of data. You can see which tags go along with the keyword, how much retweets it receives and also who is tweeting it right now.

This can be useful in many ways. For instance you can track how your Twitter username is doing. You can monitor who is talking about you, who is retweeting you. There is also a graphic that shows how much tweets, containing the keyword are sent on hourly basis.

You Get an Insight into Your Keyword Rankings

After signing up and adding your website, Clicky Analytics automatically starts feeding the keywords people use to find your site and also the ranking for those same keywords.

What’s great about this is that you can discover some pretty decent keyword combinations with high rankings that are bringing in a lot of visitors. Something seemingly insignificant as that can help you come up with new article ideas or even a whole change in your blog’s direction.

You can Literally Spy on Your Visitors

As I mentioned more than once, real time is the name of the game when it comes to Clicky Analytics. If you want even more actual information though, there is something for you. The spy feature is designed to help you find out who each individual user, currently logged into your blog is, what article he is viewing and how many actions he is taking.

Based on what you see, you can do some tweaking and find out what works better in getting people to stay and read through and what doesn’t.

There is a Variety of Alerts to Chose From

Setting Up Notifications
Setting up notifications can save you lots of time. That way you don’t have to log into Clicky only to see, which goals you have reached.

There are different types of ways to get notified. The one I use most and my favorite is sound notifications. As long as my speakers are on, I don’t even have to be on the PC to know when I’ve reached a goal.

Another one, worth mentioning is the so called ClickyTouch. That is an iPhone app you can use to stay updated. It is quite convenient with long work days when you rarely get the chance to use your computer.

With Clicky You Can Also Make Money

If you have tried Clicky and are happy with the results, you can promote it and earn a commission for every sale made. There are almost no limitations. As long as you are using the service, you can take part in the affiliate program.

What’s even better is that you will earn your first 5$ before making a single sale. You just need to write a thorough, interesting and unique review of this analytics tool and then contact the support team with a link to your article.

And a Quick Tip

When I started using the service I forgot to exclude myself from the searches and had a bit of trouble finding out how to do that. So here’s how:

  1. Click on your username, located on the top left side of the screen
  2. Find your website information and click on “Preferences”
  3. From the white-grayish menu choose “Visitor tags & filters”
  4. Scroll down to “Set/remove a cookie” to ignore your own visits”
  5. Click on “Click here to set this cookie” and you are done

Go for it!

Clicky Analytics is what I use when I want to make sure I understand my audience’s behavior. Try it out – after you sign up, you get all the premium features for one month without paying a cent. After that trial period Clicky is still functional and useful. Updating would be the better thing to do though.

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever tried the service? If so what are your thoughts? All feedback is much appreciated!

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