How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts [Infographic]

How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts
These days pretty much everyone is on the social networks – some are doing it just for fun, others are trying to market themselves and build a name and third are leveraging social networks to build a business.

And while the above types of social media users are different from one another, all of them have one goal in common – to be heard.

After all social networks are designed namely with the idea of amplifying our voice and increasing the reach of our thoughts and ideas.

But if you want tangible results, simply having a profile set up is not enough.

You need to post. 

While WHAT you post holds a huge significance, HOW you post it is equally important if you want to get in front of as much people as possible.

And the infographic I am sharing with you today, created by the My Clever Agency team, is all about answering the HOW question!

The infographic examines the most important traits of successful social media posts on:

  • Blogs (they are in a way social networks after all)
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Vine


  • Tumblr

At the very end you will also see the optimal posting times for all of the aforementioned platforms. The same might not be the best for you, but they can at least be used as a starting point in your own tests!

Infographic - How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    this infographic really explains everything that is necessary to know about posting on the different social platforms. Especially the best and worst timing overview comes really handy. I think some few tests will easily show what timezone they are talking about, although I think you are right when saying that it might be the time zone of the targeted audience.


  2. Now that is an info graphic!

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I really like the infographic. It’s really a “how to” guide for beginners. It might be time to create a Vine.

  4. Hi Daneil,

    It seems now a days people are concentrating on infographics at a great extent. Bloggers are trying to create infographics to attract users and it works.
    Social media plays a great role for the success of any business. For bloggers it is really important to be active at social media. Networking matters a lot which can be increased by using social networking websites.

  5. Great info(graphic). Did you forget about LinkedIn? You included it in ‘best time to post’ but didn’t address ‘format’.

  6. The title is where it’s at Dan. Without a good title you’re not getting clicks. I prefer to ask questions or share funny little anecdotes to resonate with my audience. I also try to stay on topic and go a bit more in depth on sites like Google Plus, sharing a little backstory to draw in readers or Circle mates.

    Awesome IG! I found this post on

  7. The best and worst timing you have mentioned, what time zone is that?

  8. Interacting is the key for me. I found that many times people who are more friendly and people who talk more with their fans (number doesn’t matter) will get significantly more attention and shares.

    And that’s where I’m heading. Building long lasting relationships with my target audience. It doesn’t matter how small it will be on the start but I’d rather have few readers who will buy ebooks or services from me than having 500 who will pass through my content.

    Great infographic by the way!

    Keep rocking!

  9. No doubt the infographic make perfect sense. Good presentation is critical for quality posts on social media. Additionally descriptioptions and tags might help for improve exposures.