How Colors Affect Conversion Rates [Infographic]

Colors and Conversion RatesAs I’ve been repeating a lot lately, conversion rate optimization should be one of a blogger’s top priorities. You should really take care and make the most out of your call to action buttons before you think about getting more traffic.

And you know why? 

Because traffic simply flowing through your site without any interaction whatsoever means nothing. It’s just a number that could only boost your ego but neither your stats nor your profits.

And design plays an important role when it comes to conversions. It turns out that the color combinations you use can have a big positive OR negative impact on your visitors’ behaviour.

And to show you just how much of a difference changing a color can make, I decided to share with you really good infographic, created by the KISSmetrics team that is all about colors.

Scroll down if you’d like to learn more about:

  • How much color really affects a visitor’s judgement
  • How changing a single call to action button color improves conversion rates


  • How changing a ketchup color has made a company more than $23 Million


  • Which colors can you use to target women and which men

How Colors Affect Conversion Rates

Now that you are through the infographic, I’d like to hear your thoughts!

Have you done any experiments with colors on your own blogs? If so, were the results surprising? What colors work best for you? Please take a minute to share your comments! 

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  1. I absolutely agree, I think that red can be considered “stop doing that”; so I prefer green and blue colors. These are very soft and stimulating for the mind and increase conversion.

  2. Thanks for the post Daniel!
    I know for instance that green color relates to something positive! You use a lot of green color on your blog, so it’s a plus for you! Another interesting facts I see from this infographic is that blue is favorite color for both men and women (great to know that). Another fact worth remembering is use of red color (CTA buttons).

  3. Hi George,
    I used to understand there is meaning of every color but I never know that Colors also Affect Conversion Rates. It was really little shocking to me when I hear this first time & I’m happy to know it.

  4. Hi Daniel,
    Great post and infographic. Thanks for sharing both with the BizSugar community. For years, the value of color in print and other advertising has been scrutinized in the traditional marketing business. It seems only reasonable it would affect conversions online as well.

    • Hey Heather,

      You’re most welcome! :)

      Absolutely true. And then again I didn’t expect that a simple color change would sometimes make THAT much of a difference.


  5. Hey Daniel,
    Its an impressive discovery to know about the effect of color in website’s conversion rate. One takeaway for me here is the fact that blue is more or less a universal color that has high appeal for web visitors.

    I guess many webmasters and bloggers can now make the right color decision after going through this infogrphic. Its just an encouraging post!
    This comment was shared in where this post was ‘kingged’ and shared.
    Sunday – contributor

  6. This is perfectly timed ahead of the staff training session I’m holding tomorrow on SEO/CRO/Marketing. So I’ve also pinned this to my Pinterest board – great find on the Infographic.

    Colours always play a key part in our website design processes as well. And when we advise clients on website changes for conversion reasons, the things that makes the biggest different is simply 2 things

    a) Placement of a call to action in a *really* obvious place – so phone numbers at the top of the site and bottom of the content. Calls to action once or twice in content at appropriate ‘pauses’
    b) Contrasting Colours – I love the ‘love/hate’ colour combinations so I’m asking my social media contact for their view point but the main thing from a design perspective is that the site has to ‘hold together’ in its own colour pallet, so the CTA needs to contrast with the design to get noticed.

    Nice little write-up. We are going to run some tests based on colours and Analytics data on our site as we need to convert more of our existing traffic.

    • Hey Martin,

      I definitely agree with you about the two most important factors – the right placement and the right contrast. It’s especially important that call to actions use different colors so as to stand apart from everything else on a blog.

      Glad you enjoyed the infographic and thanks for putting it up on Pinterest! :)

  7. Hmmm…I thought that yellow was supposed to the optimal color for selling products. Something about yellow being a calming color and people feeling more trusting when they see yellow. Almost every buy now button I’ve ever seen is yellow.

    • Well that definitely has its grounds Ethan. I’ve actually come across a lot of variation including mostly green and red aside from yellow. I guess that also depends on what the company is selling though.


  8. Hey Daniel – I always love your stuff ! Great info graphic ! It sure makes me pay more attention to colours on my blog. Thank you!!!
    Ps. So happy I met you so many moons ago on twitter. You are wise beyond your years !!!! Cheers !

  9. It’s interesting yet they missed one very important factor and that is the influence of colour across different cultures. For example, White represents Purity in most Western cultures but in Asian cultures, White is a colour generally associated with mourning.

    • Hey Darla,

      That’s an interesting addition indeed, haven’t thought about it. I guess that’s because the content is more focused towards marketing-oriented content, where those influences probably don’t play that much of a role.

      Thanks for sharing your two cents! :)

  10. Hi there!

    Colours really play a huge role when it comes to increasing clicks.

    I uses red most of the time on my site. Just to highlight important things like those titles…you know…many people skim through pages.

    Still thinking if I should use other and different colours!


    • Hey Reginald,

      It’s always worth testing my friend. I’m definitely the kind of guy who is constantly into tweaking and testing if results improve or decline.

      Have a good one! :D

  11. Nice post Daniel. Industrial design was Steve Jobs’ forte which is why MacBooks, iPhones, and almost anything Mac are so easy on the eye. When designing my website I intentionally chose to go with the color scheme I have simply because it reflected the sum of my experiences to date. The art of color held more sway than the science of color. Even so, every now and then, there’s blue underlined hypertext because if I want clicks, this is what most people – including myself – associate with live links. You might also enjoy reading ‘Dress for Success’ by John T. Molloy and Goethe’s ‘Theory of Colour’.