How Google Understands What You Want [Infographic]

How Google Understands YouWhen searching with Google you have certainly come across results that weren’t really relevant to what you were looking for. Everyone has and a lot of people complain about occasional irrelevancies.

And then again chances are that 99% of your searches have been successful and you were able to find what you were looking for. We know for a fact that Google offers some of the most precise results for pretty much any keyword.

But have you ever wondered how is all of this possible? What steps does the search engine take to give you the exact result you are looking for?

You’ve certainly heard about all the algorithms that play a role and the Google updates that we are seeing a little too often lately…

In the quest to help you understand how Google understands us, today I would like to share with you a great infographic, created by the Vertical Measures team.

Some of the main takeaways include: 

  • Where do the search results actually come from
  • What happens when you enter a search query
  • How Google understands the meaning of your search
  • On-site factors determining what you will see
  • The actual search results

Scroll down to see the actual infographic and don’t forget to share your feedback! :)

How Google Understands What You Want

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  1. Thanks for the infographic Daniel. I’m not sure how I missed out this infographic. I’ve alraedy ordered a print of it and waiting so that I can put it up on my dashboard. Thanks.

  2. Great article ! Thanks for making better understand about Google !

  3. Wow…all this information is quite dizzying…it’s a lot to take in. :)

    I may not ever understand it completely but I’ll do my part and keep up with my site and page structures to make sure it has all the components.

    Thanks for sharing this infographic Daniel! TGIF and have a great weekend!