Writing Great Posts: How to Get Your Readers’ Attention [Infographic]

Writing Great Posts - Secrets of a Killer Blog Post

Have you ever asked yourself what does writing great posts really come down to?

Well there might be a lot of reasons to call an article great, but here’s one simpler answer…

If your latest piece is able to:

  • Catch the viewer’s attention
  • Turn that viewer into a reader
  • Keep him reading until the end
  • And “make” him share, subscribe or take any action

…then that post can probably be classified as great.

Achieving all this however is easier said than done. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to coming up with a compelling article!

But let’s look at the bright side!

Sometimes the problem comes from underutilizing simple yet effective strategies. That might just be the case with you!

And with that in mind today I am sharing this great infographic by the WhoIsHostingThis team. The tips will hopefully help you make your posts a little more interesting and eye-catching.

But before you go straight to the infographic, here a few of the more important takeaways: 

  • The headline: how many words and characters
  • Making the post interesting: emotion and controversy
  • How and why you should use questions

Okay, feel free to scroll down please!

How to Get Your Readers' Attention

I really hope you enjoyed the infographic!

Share Your ThoughtsNow I’d like to hear your thoughts! 

What points do you agree/disagree with? Why? What are your ways to bring more attention to your content?

Please take a minute to share your two cents and the post if you happened to like it! :D

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  1. This infographic sums up the entire process. I love it! Great advice on headlines as well. I never knew when I started blogging that I would do so much research on headlines.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Great post! You are always able to find the perfect infographic to get the point across, and I applaud you for that. Going to prints this infographic and keep it on my desk.

  3. Great infographic Daniel. Why have I never seen this one before!
    I have also been using infographics a lot lately (inspired by you) and it really does help change the content a bit and keep people interested. They don’t always want to read text.
    But this infographic is awesome and I will be spreading it on SM for you!

    • Great to hear you enjoyed it Ashley! And indeed it’s worth mixing things up a bit. With that in mind I’ve been thinking about creating a section about funny images or something like that. Will see how that one goes.

      Have a good one man! :D

  4. Great posts start with eye catching title, and first paragraph should be interesting so that your reader want to read complete post. I have seen many article which have great title but as you start reading you find it boring or out of date. Hence I leave those articles quickly.

  5. Very much depends on the topic and the time of release, as well as marketing. Few times last year, I brew the server bandwidth wih a single article reaching few thousand visits in an hour.

  6. Daniel,

    I love the IG! Be truthful and creative. Deliver on your titles. Use colorful words, or be uber practical, to snag your reader’s attention. A bit of mental legwork makes all the difference. Solve problems. Prosper.