4 Reasons Why You Must Add Images to Every Blog Post You Publish

Adding Images to Your PostsOne of the more important ingredients to blogging is being able to stand apart from the rest. Generic blogs are rarely the ones that bring in a good income. Generic blog posts, unless written by someone who’s already popular, don’t do well either.

If you want to turn visitors into readers, providing value is not enough. You need to also make your content interesting and engaging.

One way to spice up things a bit is by adding images to go along with your articles. The following post is all about images, the importance they hold for readers and why you should start using them:

It’s Simple, Easy and Effective

Yep, that’s how it is! Although content and not pictures is why people are on your blog, adding such can often times end up bringing more traffic than what an in-depth article on a specific topic can.

While the preparation for a pillar article might take days and in some cases even weeks with all of the stages involved, finding a good image takes roughly 15 minutes.

So in short here are my instructions for slapping a good image to supplement your latest article:

  1. Open up Flickr’s advanced search 
  2. Scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content” (important to avoid legal issues)
  3. Return to the top, type a relevant keyword and hit “Search”
  4. Be patient, you might need to go through several pages until you find the perfect image. If that doesn’t work, repeat with a different keyword.
  5. When you have found what you are looking for, make sure once again that the picture is licensed under creative commons, click on it, then on “View all sizes” (top right side) and you will see a download link above the picture.
  6. When resizing, don’t make the image too small, but also don’t make it too big – the dimensions I use are normally 220-240 pixels of width and 150-170 pixels of height.

Images are What Catches the Eye

importance of imagesPeople are so to say color-sensitive so an image, surrounded by a white (white-grayish in my case) background and black letters is easily the first thing they will notice.

The thing about images is that they do a far better job in conveying the essence of your article than the post’s opening sentences. What happens is that people first look at the picture, if it sparks interest they move on to the text, knowing what they are about to read.

Even if you don’t choose the right picture, this will create curiosity among visitors and they might end up checking the article, just to see what you meant.

It’s way harder to get someone to read, when there isn’t some sort of a visual sign to give an idea of what the post is about.

Adding Images Can Get You More Facebook and Google+ Likes

images facebookIt turns out that images can prove a shortcut to social media success. Having added a relevant picture to go along with your blog post can do miracles on Facebook and Google+.

When you share an article on one of those, you can fetch the images you have used and thus share a more dynamic preview. If you haven’t included an image, you will only share just the next plain-text boring status update. You can’t expect too many shares and likes that way, especially with people in a hurry, who scroll down without paying too much attention.

Images Leave an Impression

Being able to make people remember your blog is very important if you want to really establish a brand. The problem with text is that it doesn’t stick in one’s mind as well as an image does. Many of your visitors go through dozens of articles everyday.

If you fail to provide a visual clue that grabs their attention, they will have hard time remembering where they actually read that great post and won’t return for more.

Your Thoughts

Now it’s your turn! What is your opinion – does adding images play a role and can it really make a huge difference to an article’s performance? As always your two cents are much appreciated folks!

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  1. Hey Daniel,

    I do have to admit, I still like read books with pictures in them LOL…but on the serious note, adding images definitely brings life into all of your post. You definitely gave some valid reasons about why adding images benefits bloggers a lot. On that note, I added an infograph on a previous post and what was amazing is that I had a lot more shares on Pinterest than before. The funny thing is I never go into Pinterest! But I figure every little bit helps! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a fantastic week!

    • Hey Sherman,

      That’s cool man, though when it comes to books, I prefer creating the pictures in my head. lol

      Pinterest is certainly a valid point. Without an image, well you obviously can’t compete there. And I have similar experience with infographics – they do generate a lot of attention there indeed!

      Have a great week yourself! :)

  2. Nice work Daniel! Visual content will continue to rule social media! If you make images 600×900 pixels it’s all around great size for sharing on all socials especially Pinterest! Are you on Pinterest Daniel?

  3. Daniel,

    Just out of curiosity…I hardly see any ads on your otherwise wonderful blog…so how do you (assuming you do) make money from your blog?? Or is it “pure passion” so to speak, and the traffic / likes / shares alone give you an adrenaline rush?

    I mean these neatly done blogs like yours (mostly built on the WordPress platform) sure look good and draw traffic, but what is the point if they do not make money?? At least for me, that will have to be the motivator!!

    • Hey Vikra,

      This blog does make money mostly through affiliate marketing. From the product spotlight widget and the internet marketing resources page mostly. I’ve also written a few product reviews that do well.


  4. Great post! An easier method for getting those CC images from Flickr is to use PhotoPin.com. It’s a search engine that ONLY pulls results from Flickr that are Creative Commons. You can check whether or not you want the images to be for commercial use or not.

  5. Totally agree with you that adding pictures to blog posts is so important.
    People like images and that’s the reason why images get so many shares on social media. Using images helps people to digest and remember content more easily. They are for sure a nice boost for the content you create.

  6. Agree with Ethan Pepper. It’s tough finding good images for specific posts. But it’s necessary for blogging. My advice is to go out and make your own; adds individuality and may spark more content.

  7. I hate looking for images it seems none of the free image sites have anything that really goes with my site. Without a good picture though no one will look at your article on G+ or Facebook that’s why I prefer Twitter. All you need on Twitter is a short snappy sentence and people will click through.

  8. Hello Daniel,

    I think images are necessary for almost all types of articles. Whenever I am going to read something, if there’s an image to break the continuous flow of text, that makes it easier for me to read the whole thing, and it also looks good to the eye.
    And with the rise of Pinterest, images have become all the more important now.
    Currently I am using my own images which I make in Photoshop and the free stock images that are available.

  9. To clarify: Do we have to “cite” or credit if we use a CCL image from flickr?

    Great post. I definitely agree with the power of adding images – it opens up the option of using Pinterest to promote your blog/site.

  10. Hi Daniel,

    Yup images are great add on to your articles . They certainly can get you viral & create an interest in reader’s mind. You can see the power of meme’s these days.
    Since the post is on images I just wanted to add one tip from Amy Portfield to get more likes on FB – She recommends uploading images rather fetching the thumbnail image attached with post after the url while sharing it on Fb. This way you get more visibility and thus more likes.

  11. Good post Daniel! I have always relied on my own pics; but using licensed images from Flicker may be a great back up option when you are stumped for the right one…

  12. I hadn’t been using pictures on my blog and when I started using them again I noticed a major difference.

  13. I believe in the power of images, and I chose a blog design that made images an important part of each post.

    I do not believe, however, in absolutes like, “You MUST include an image in EVERY blog post.” The world won’t end if you don’t.

    Some insist that you “must” use original photography. Some insist that you “must” never rely on stock photography, even if you use someone ELSE’S original photography instead.

    Depending on your theme, though, no matter how many images you do or don’t include in an individual post, there are usually other graphics already on the page. If the content is good enough, the lack of an image is not necessarily a deal-breaker.