5 Changes that Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Social Media Results

Social Media ChangesThe combination of a blog and a strong presence on the social networks can do miracles nowadays.

It is no secret that some marketers have been able to make millions using those…

Although far from earning millions, I gained a great deal of experience throughout the last couple of years.

The blog you are reading, my presence on Twitter and my work on other platforms, including StumbleUpon and LinkedIn are all a proof to that.

Being able to take advantage of social media however, always starts with having the right mindset.

The below paragraphs are all about showing you some of the changes you need to make in order to get more out of the time and effort you put towards social media (and blogging as well)!

1. Start Searching for a Way, Not an Excuse to Stop

Beck then, in the first two months of starting this blog, I had quite some trouble. My biggest concern was traffic. I sucked very badly at getting people to find this blog, so my articles were receiving close to no feedback.

A lot of bloggers however, even the more successful ones, can certainly relate to a similar situation. After all, traffic doesn’t just flow. You need to make it going. It’s the same story with every social media site out there. You can’t get a thousand followers right after the day you start.

Getting results comes down to doing research, learning, developing a strategy from what you’ve learned and applying that strategy in practice. It’s all about searching and finding the right path. Although it takes time, as long as you stay focused on your work, you will eventually get there.

2. Don’t Steal Others’ Work, Have a Plan

A lot of people believe that being a copycat can get them in front of a huge audience. I wouldn’t want to give examples, but there are hundreds of individuals, who plagiarize in terms of design and content.

There is a simple flaw behind all of this. By using others’ work, you are only touching the surface. You are still unaware of all the mechanisms and techniques that have gone into that design or that piece of content and have ended up turning it into a magnet for readers, subscribers and buyers.

For blogging and social media success you need a plan. That is an individual process, meaning that the factors you should consider are unique to you. Someone else’s ideas might not apply in your case or can even have a negative impact.

3. Don’t Leave for Later, Act Now

Blogging and social media have one thing in common – if you want to start reaping the fruits of your labour… well, you first need to labor. Putting off your tasks can hardly get you in front of the pack.

There’s no denying of course that procrastination can be quite tempting. More often than not however, when leaving something for later you totally forget to return to it in the end and you fail to complete it in time.

On Twitter for example, replying to your followers and creating a discussion is the way to go if you want to be taken for something more than a spam-bot. Replying to someone’s question with a two-day delay might not seem like a big deal. Nonetheless for the person on the other side of the line it is a big deal and one that will also reflect on you.

The least that can happen is that you will be considered a frivolous and untrustworthy person.
Every similar situation is a lost chance for you. You are losing the opportunity to connect, to draw in a new reader or even to attract a potential buyer.

4. Don’t Let Your Own Tasks Distract You

Even your daily routines as a marketer can be a distraction. Let me give you an example to this:

Normally I’m trying to write on daily basis (see my article on everyday writing). Blogging is not all writing though, as content also needs promoting. That very same promotion however, sometimes results in me wasting valuable time.

What happens is that since the tasks, involved in spreading the word require less effort, I tend to start with them first. Often times I then would get carried away, resulting in not enough time for the actual writing part.

So in short, if you want more writing done, just start writing, leaving the rest for later. After taking the “write first” approach, I began seeing productivity improvements almost immediately. Knowing that the hardest part is behind you, makes you feel more relaxed, which in turn helps you avoid silly mistakes and saves you time.

5. If Something Doesn’t Work, Change It

Even if they are not able to see the desired results from their work, people tend to keep following the same routines over and over.

The reason why this happens is fear. And that’s probably a fair point.

There is no doubt that change involves diving into the unknown, but think about it – you might assume that by following a well-known pattern you are in your comfort zone. However when you aren’t actually seeing positive results, can you really call that being in the “comfort zone”? Wouldn’t change in that case be the more reliable option?

After all you are not blogging and using social media just for the sake of it. What you need is return of your investment. There’s totally no use in sitting there and waiting for things to magically fall into place.

If a new approach is needed, then go for it. Yes, it will cost you time, but you will eventually get closer to your goals. On the other hand doing nothing will only waste your time without getting anything in return.

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  1. Another excellent post. Thanks Daniel.
    May I ask? If you could do it all over, would you want to make those same mistakes you made in the beginning. Why or why not?

    For me, I think I have learned much from my mistakes.I am willing to learn, though and always looking to learn more.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Another lovely post from you. I think social media is a huge game. What I mean is that it is everyone’s game. There is absolutely no right or wrong in social media ‘techniques’ and not every techniques will work for you. Don’t just copy what others do. Instead, improvise from their plans and work out plans of your own.

    Thanks for sharing mate.