Market Samurai Review – Keyword Research Done the Easy Way

Market Samurai ReviewSearch engines are the best converting traffic source out there, hands down!

My Market Samurai review is here to show you some great tricks to help you stay on top of your SEO!

And yes, I know…

Nowadays many bloggers pay more attention to social media than to SEO.

But is that really a good marketing strategy?

Quite frankly I was one of those bloggers. I didn’t want to get into the SEO game – it seemed too complicated.

Keyword research was my biggest problem.

That was the reason why I decided to try Market Samurai – a tool all about doing extensive and proper keyword research to find keywords that not only rank well, but that can also help you make money.

But then again…

Is Keyword Research THAT Important

Here is what keyword research does for you: 

  • It helps you target the right audience – a key if you don’t simply want people to visit and leave your blog without engaging in any way.
  • It helps you find which keywords are actually worth targeting – At first a keyword might seem like a great pick, but analyzing it might reveal there is no real search volume.
  • It helps you discover competition levels – As opposed to the previous point, a keyword might have a huge search volume. That however is worthless if blogs like Mashable and Huffington Post are competing for it.
  • It helps you find the right “version” of long-tail keywords - different placements of the same words within a keyphrase return different results. Adding or subtracting a word can also result in huge traffic fluctuations.

So in brief – yes, you do need keyword research. And Market Samurai is a great way to do it in terms of both the time spent and the results achieved!

Below you can read my review!*

Market Samurai Review

Interface and Navigation

Market Samurai Review: SidebarThe sidebar is where basically all navigation is done. Below you can see what each and every sidebar button does (in brief):

  • New Keyword – Let’s you add an additional keyword (aside from the project keyword, which you assign, once you create a new project).
  • Rank Tracker – Let’s you track your own site’s search engine positions.
  • Keyword Research – Self-explanatory.
  • Domains – Helps you find high-quality domain names.
  • Monetization – Helps you find affiliate products, relevant to the specified keyword.
  • Find Content - Self-explanatory.
  • Publish Content – Lets you publish blog posts from within Market Samurai’s interface.
  • Promotion – Helps you discover sites, suitable for link building, for the specified keyword.

Market Samurai Helps you Find Profitable Keywords

It’s great when you optimize your latest post and see it rank on the first page. However a mistake that many do is to simply target a relevant, but not well-analyzed keyword. Taking the time to analyze a keyword’s potential is the name of the game! 

When it comes to keyword research, following the “measure twice, cut once” principle is very important.

On to Market Samurai…

Market Samurai Adwords Account

Firstly you need to connect your Google Keyword Tool account for Market Samurai to fetch data. To do it you click on Keyword Research (in the sidebar), and then under “Keyword Sources” you click on “Add new Adwords account…”. Then you insert the details for your Adwords account.

That is when the fun starts…

On the right side of the screen there is a button called “Generate Keywords”. That is how you start the keyword research process.

You will basically end up with a list of relevant (to the chosen keyword) keywords, which you will begin sifting until you find the one(s) you are looking for.

That is how the generated list looks like:

Market Samurai Review: Generate Keywords

On the left side of the list you just generated, there is an interesting menu. There you can find three fields – “Add Keywords”, “Positive Keywords” and “Negative Keywords”.

With the help of those, you can filter out any words that don’t fit your relevancy criteria.Market Samurai Review Filtering Options

For instance:

  • If you add the keyword “social” as a positive keyword, all keyphrases that don’t contain that word will be removed.
  • If you add the same keyword as a negative keyword, all results that contain the word will be removed from the list.

NOTE: The idea here is to confine your list to let’s say 20-30 keywords that you will dig deeper into.

Once you’ve done that, you move on to the “Keyword Analysis” facility (you can see the button in the above image). That is where you discover the actual value of the keywords you’ve decided to use and make the final decision.

Market Samurai Helps You Learn More About Your Competition

Market Samurai SEO Competition

Above you can see all the metrics that Market Samurai uses to generate results for the competition level for the specified keyword.

Let’s assume you already used Market Samurai to discover a profitable keyword.

From that point on you need to analyze the competition…

Even with a great on-site SEO you don’t stand a chance if sites with thousands of backlinks, have occupied the first page in the search results.

What Market Samurai does is it helps you discover the competition levels for the first ten spots in the SERPs

The information is presented in the form of a graphic with different colors:

  • Red – When a metric is almost impossible to beat
  • Yellow – When it is hard, but can be achieved with more link building
  • Green – When a good on-site SEO is all you need

Market Samurai SEO Competition Metrics

Market Samurai Helps You Find Link Building Opportunuties

As I mentioned above, sometimes a keyword is not worth chasing, because the competition is just too strong.

What you need in order to get a step closer to those competing sites is link building. 

You are certainly aware of the fact that search engine optimization is not about including your keyword a couple of times within your copy. That has its weight as a factor, but what is far more important is building links.

Depending on which site links to you, you receive a different “boost” in rankings. One of the best ways to build backlinks is through guest blogging. However finding blogs to write for is often easier said than done.

And once again Market Samurai comes into play…

Now we take a look at the last tab in Market Samurai’s sidebar and namely “Promotion”. That is one of the fastest ways to find WordPress-powered blogs within your niche that have lots of backlinks, use dofollow and have a good page rank.

The only thing you have to do here is choose the kinds of sites you’d like to analyze and then simply click on “Find Backlinks”:

Market Samurai Promotion
Then you pick an article, see if it fits your quality criteria and either do blog commenting to gain backlinks or submit a guest article.

NOTE: You also have the option to search for relevant forums, where you can include links in your signature.

Market Samurai Helps You Keep Track of Your Own Rankings

After you’ve done all the hard work to find the best keywords, to find blogs to write for and forums to participate in, you need to start tracking your results!

We take a look at the “Rank Tracker” tab. That is where you can create a campaign with a set of keywords to track . The report is created once a week and you choose the day of the week when that happens.

NOTE: If you don’t feel like a maximum of ten words is enough for you, you can purchase additional quota, with the cheapest starting at 10$ and allowing for 100 keywords to be tracked.

The process is fairly simple – you only need to click on “Create New Campaign” (lower right side), choose a campaign name and configure some additional preferences:

Market Samurai Rank Tracking

Once you’ve created the campaign the only thing left is to wait until the update day arrives.

Setting everything up takes less than two minutes and it is really worth knowing how the keywords you found via Market Samurai are performing.

How to Get 25$ Off of Your Market Samurai Copy

Hope you found my Market Samurai review useful guys! If you found it helpful and if you decided to purchase the product from me, I have a little bonus for you!

As a way to say thank you for purchasing, I will give each and every one of you a 25$ rebate via PayPal. The rebate is not associated with the Market Samurai team. The 25$ will be transferred to you via PayPal, right after you purchase the product!

Below are the steps you must follow for this to work:

  1. Before doing anything, make sure to clear your cache and cookies. Also if you have previously signed up for Market Samurai, make sure to use a different email! All of this is to ensure your email isn’t tagged with someone else’s link.
  2. Click on the Try Market Samurai button below this description
  3. Sign up for the trial version
  4. You will receive a download link in your email
  5. That way you you will get a discount from the original 149$ price down to 97$.
  6. If you decide to download and buy the product from my link, you will receive an additional discount of 25$, making the final price for you 72$.
  7. You have to forward your PayPal payment verification email to with a subject line “Market Samurai Rebate”

Your Thoughts

Now I’d like to hear your thoughts guys! What do you think of Market Samurai – has it helped you find the right keywords?

Are you happy with the results? Also if you have any questions, feel free to ask them by leaving a comment!

*There are affiliate links included in this post

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  1. great stuff here. but what i really want is to focus on content creation and to hire someone to do this kind of work. where to find that person?!

  2. I’ve always been a fan of MS, it has a lot of features and is very powerful. This has got the be the most detailed review I have ever seen on it.

  3. Hi Daniel
    I have just bought the Market Samurai through your blog. Thanks for the easy instructions on how to get the best price. Many thanks for sending me my $25 rebate through so quickly.

  4. Alex Frost says:

    Market Samurai is a good tool. But I had to move to Rank Tracker by LinkAssistant since it stopped supporting Google. In other aspects it is quite effective

  5. Bob Straub says:

    I love Market Samurai. I only know of 2 downfalls to it so far.
    1) This application is very memory intensive.
    2) I find the SEOC column to be off quite a bit when looking for competing web pages. I remember reading that Market Samurai now uses results from Bing for this column.
    It’s still a very powerful time saving tool. Just make sure to validate any “great” keyword findings by doing a Google search in quotes to find their number of competing web pages.

    Great work Daniel!

    • Hey Bob,

      Yes, I agree, it takes up a lot of memory to run it. And still most modern systems won’t face problems IMO. The thing about Bing is true, yet I still believe the results are genuine. Bing is after all still one of the biggest sites out there, so the results should be rather accurate.

      Thanks for stopping by man! :)

  6. Thanks for the review, Daniel. I know a few people who swear by Market Samuri, though I haven’t tried it yet. I wrote an article “Badass Keyword Research” that may be helpful to you and your readers ( My article is more based upon refining your keywords to target your market and business niche.

    As a SEO writer, companies give me software generated reports for their keywords all the time. It’s not uncommon for me to narrow 500 keywords down to maybe 3, and then advise the client to think deeper about their business. Once you choose a keyword you “think” is good for you, you must do an actual search for that term to determine if you really want to rank there for your article.

    In short, I am an advocate of automated keyword research, but only after analyzing the business the old fashioned way.

    • Carisa,

      There’s absolutely no denying. Once you discovered the SEEMINGLY right keywords, you have to make sure they are ACTUALLY right by analyzing them further. Will take a look at your article. :)


  7. Hi Daniel,o
    I was really taken into your review here of Market Samurai. This was a tool I’ve wanted to get for my self for a while now, but then I started using Long Tail Pro which so far work well for what I’m doing online.

    I have a question I want to ask you. Have you used Long Tail Pro, and if yes how does it compare to Market Samurai. I’m very interested in Market Samurai but I’m looking for information from someone who’s used it intensively before I can make a buying decision.

    Really glad I’ve found your post, it provided me with a lot of information.


    • Hey Philip,

      Unfortunately I haven’t tried Long Tail Pro and can’t really give you an estimate of how the two compare. I do believe though Market Samurai is a very easy-to-use piece of software and very powerful at the same time.

      Good to hear you enjoyed my review! :)


  8. I love MarketSamurai! Surely one of the best around and the most complete.
    And a big thank to Daniel and his offer. I receive my 25$ the day of my purchase. Nice!

  9. Great post, but seems a little biased. What are the disadvantages?

    • Hey Frank,

      Well quite honestly I am not sure. The biggest problem for me is that loading the actual data ones you start analyzing can sometimes take a while. Other than that as far as keyword research goes, I believe that is really the most sophisticated tool out there.


  10. Thanks Daniel for your well-written, informative article. As a direct result of my research (your article included) I ordered Market Samurai yesterday (using your link) and am quite pleased with my purchase. Your prompt response and payment of my $25 PayPal rebate are also greatly appreciated.

    I am just moving forward with our local Carrollwood site here in Tampa and Market Samurai is going to play a key role in our efforts. Keep up the good work!

  11. Thanks for the review, Daniel! I agree that too many bloggers ignore the SEO aspect of writing because it’s a very complicated process with a lot of different elements. In order to really do SEO right, you have to account for a lot of different factors.

    This looks like a really good tool that aggregates a lot of data into one tool. Thanks for sharing!


    • I am totally with you Sean.

      Many people forget the most basic of things like SEO, but when you are starting out it is easy to get overwhelmed with things like SEO and what not.

      Doing SEO right is extremely difficult, you can miss so many steps that seem unimportant, but really they are quite important.