Moving From Blogger to WordPress: Has the Time Finally Come?

Moving From Blogger to WordPressMoving from Blogger to WordPress… It seems like WordPress is what everyone prefers these days…

Take a minute to do some research and you will see that a good percentage of the bloggers out there don’t really like the Blogger platform…

If you’ve been following me for long enough, you have already noticed that I often happen to defend the Google-owned service (I even wrote the post: “Blogspot vs WordPress: What Do Visitors Want and What Makes for a Good Blog“, which you might want to take a look at).

And still a week ago, as an old-time Blogspot user, I did the unthinkable – I moved to WordPress!

In today’s post I will talk about the two platforms and more specifically when Blogger is better and when you should go for WordPress instead.

NOTE: Me moving from Blogger to WordPress doesn’t mean the same is the right thing for you! Keep reading please…

Why Blogger is Good for Newbies?

Yes, Google’s platform does have its good sides, my dear Blogspot critics. Think about those days when you got into blogging and learned about that great piece of software called WordPress. Setting it all up and writing your first article wasn’t as easy, was it?

Setting everything up and starting to publish right away is something that Blogger does way better. The process is straightforward – no installations are needed and there is no need to deal with buying and configuring a hosting service. You also don’t have as much fancy functions, which for a guy, who is just starting out, would be more of a  headache than a facilitation.

So if:

  • You are just learning what blogging is and how it works
  • You want simplicity and not a lot of things to go wrong
  • You’d like to learn some HTML and CSS in the process (they allow for slight customization on your theme plus they are easy to learn and useful in the long-term)

If one of the above is true then the Blogger platform might just be the better option for now. And don’t take it wrong – you can still get thousands of monthly visitors.  I started this blog more than two years ago and didn’t feel the need to switch right until now!

Why Blogger Becomes an Obstacle?

As I said above, the two great things that you don’t have to deal with when you are on Blogspot are hosting and… WordPress.

In reality neither the first, nor the second is an unsolvable puzzle. But then again, all problems that arise in this early stage of a blogger’s career can easily kill the enthusiasm. And that might get you to quit faster than it took you to get started.


Once you gain that momentum and once you get the feel for it (it takes more than a month or two), that is when you become a little uncomfortable.

If you have content that’s worth sharing and if you do a good job at promoting your posts, then sooner or later, you will get noticed. When that happens you will certainly start to pay more attention to the competition and the fancy toys they have access to…

At that point, moving from Blogger to WordPress, might just be the thing to do!

If You are a Serious Blogger, You Need Functionality

So yeah, as good as Blogger is for beginners, it simply loses edge on the functionality part.

For one reason or another (probably because everyone criticizes it) there simply aren’t enough widgets and plug-ins available to help you customize each and every aspect of your blog. Whereas when we talk about WordPress, plug-ins and flexibility are what comes to mind (as you certainly have heard already).

Time is always a factor and let’s be honest – every saved minute in playing the do-it-yourself game is a step towards more time for writing and promotion – dynamic tasks, requiring one’s attention day in and day out.
What that added functionality does is: 

  • It saves you time by putting tasks on autopilot (Automation? Anyone?)
  • It gives you (pretty much) whatever you want whenever you want it (all plug-ins are a Google search away)
  • It provides eye-candy for your visitors thus helping you keep them browsing your blog longer
Moving from Blogger to WordPress has an added advantage – an advantage you might need or might not need, depending on how you’d like to use your blog. On to the next paragraph… 

A Self-Hosted WordPress Gives You Freedom

The Blogger platform offers a way to monetize what you write – in the form of Google AdSense advertisements. However as I have talked about it in my article “Affiliate Marketing: My Story and 6 Tips to Get You Going Right Now“, namely affiliate marketing i.e. promoting other people’s products and earning a percentage (50-60% in most cases) of the sales is the best way to make some cash from your hard work as a blogger.

The problem with Blogger is that they don’t like that kind of monetization. Some two years ago, I actually had a blog, promoting various types of software. It was all going good at first until one day when my blog was simply not there anymore. Later it turned out the reason were those same products I was reviewing.


On Reviewz N Tips I got into affiliate marketing in early June and kept promoting until I did the move to WordPress a week ago – and all without issues.


Back in 2011 when asked, Blogger’s staff replied that affiliate marketing was actually not forbidden. Their TOS on the other hand also doesn’t say much about it. So you end up not knowing what to think…

From that experience I’d conclude you can never be too sure. With a self-hosted WordPress, you simply don’t have to worry about that.

Moving From Blogger to WordPress - Conclusion

Before deciding whether doing the move is worth it:

  • Consider the money investment - do you really need a paid hosting or can you go with what Blogger has to offer?
  •  Consider the whole process – doing the whole move took me close to two weeks. Right now might not be the best time for such a long pause, especially if you are just starting and trying to build a name for yourself.
  • Consider whether you actually need it – if you haven’t yet began monetizing and you’ve found the right widgets and functionality, you probably don’t need WordPress just yet.

Stay Tuned for More!

Hope you found the advice useful guys!

This post is the first part of three that I will be covering about the whole moving from Blogger to WordPress process!

Next post will cover all the steps I took to make the switch – installing WordPress, importing my articles and fixing the issues that came with that.

Now It’s Your Turn!

On to you guys! What do you think of the Blogger service – is it underrated or is the negative feedback well deserved? And what about WordPress – is it really the better option, what flaws does it have? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Hi Daniel, I read a lot of your posts through twitter, thanks. I work with a lot of bloggers and I have the feeling the blogger that blog on Blogger get less traffic than the ones on wordpress. I concluded that because I can compare how popular the blogger bloggers are, how many reaction, how many social followers and still they have less traffic than the wordpress ones. I can say this about app. 5 bloggers. Ever heard of that? Could it be true?

  2. Heу, I think yoսr blog might be having browser cօmpatibility issues.
    When I lооk at your blog in Ie, it looks fikne Ƅut when openiոg in Iոternet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I jyst wanted to give you a quick heaԀs up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

  3. Hey Daniel,

    I made the transition very quickly from Blogger to WordPress and my story is quite smiler to yours. I recently published an article that has a snippet of my story about how I got started. If you are interested, you can check it out here –

    Keep the great tips coming.


  4. Hi! nice post. Well what can I say is that these is an interesting and very informative topic. Thanks for sharing.Cheers!

  5. You forgot to mention that there is also the site that can be used to host WordPress sites but with slightly limited functionality.

    I started with a site, then moved to a Blogger site (didn’t kill my site), then I got fed up of Blogger as I found it limiting and returned back to my site. But one day I hope to be able to host my own WordPress site without having to pay for hosting.

  6. Well, that an extremely well written article bro. I have spent around 2 years using blogger and Now I think is the Time to move to WordPress. Just have to clear some mess and soon I would be enjoying my Self-Hosted Blog ;)

  7. Initially, I started on Blogger. Instead of switching the blog over to WordPress, I actually just quit the blog and when I did start a new one, switched to WordPress. WordPress is far superior compared to blogger.

  8. Great post. I have to agree with you that once you get to a certain point you have to make the change to WordPress. Blogger is ok to start off your business, it is easy and free to start but in the end you need more control, flexibility and functionality.

    • That is true Freddie. Blogger is definitely not to be underestimated, but once things really start to take off, it’s worth switching to a more flexible and reliable service – in our case WordPress.

  9. Katherin says:

    Thank you for this post!
    You are right, it’s really worth to switch to wordpress. And to conclude, the process of migration itself is possible using automated tool that requires no programming skills ant it takes really little time. I used this step-by-step tutorial

    I hope it will help someone who wants to move content!

  10. I started out using Blogger a long time ago (super easy to use) and now have two self-hosted WP blogs. I’m glad I made the switch, though sometimes I miss how simple Blogger was. With WP, I’m always tempted to get yet another plugin. =)

  11. Hello, Daniel!
    Let me thank you for the amazing post you did. I’ve been pondering over moving to WordPress for quite a while now, and your Freedom paragraph was the final drop. what’s more, judjing from your previous comment, I’d better do the switch before I have too many posts on Blogger and get less broken links.
    I found a video on migration from Blogger to WordPress on youtube (not my channel:), which looks promising (the best part is no broken links) Maybe, it’ll be of use to your readers.

    P.S. I see you’re from Ruse – I got great memories about this city and Angel Knchev university I had the pleasure to visit (sorry ’bout the spelling). Do you happen to be one of the students?

  12. Everyone must agree that no CMS is as flexible as WordPress. Everything is handy. The ready made plugins and themes will make a blog look like pro blog without any coding knowledge.

  13. I’m a 4 month old blogger but very serious about it. I was wondering if it will take the same amount of work now or later to move to WordPress? The more posts, etc that I have I would assume would be more work to move over. So I’m trying to decide if I should move now or later. Any helpful thoughts?

    • Danielle,

      Well yes, the more posts you have, the more links you will have to repair afterwards and the more social shares and comments you will lose. So the sooner, the better. :)


  14. I have been blogging with Blogger for a long time. I don’t sell anything and I only blog for the fun and enjoyment of it. I see no need to move. I do like bells and whistles, but that’s not enough to totally uproot my blog to move to WP.

    • Mary,

      I guess as long as it works for you and as long as you are not chasing traffic numbers, Blogger is a good option. The platform itself is very easy to use, so if you like it, stick with it.


  15. I think it’s a solid move – both WordPress and Tumblr have both doubled in size over the past 12 months (although I think that number is higher now) while Blogger seems to be on the decline (based solely on what we see, not actual Blogger data).

    I’m also glad to hear that you went for the self hosted solution – far more flexibility when it comes to ways to monetize.

    Great job on this post – off to read part 2 :)

    • Hey Paul,

      Yes, indeed, it seems like more and more people are steering away from Blogger. And although not a bad service, you definitely get a lot more flexibility once you get the domain and the hosting. And let’s not even mention the thousands of plugins you get once you move to WordPress!

      Hope you enjoy part two man! :)

      • Paul Burger says:

        Yeah for sure – always nice to be where developers are actively developing – you get all the cool new stuff.

        For example, we are developing a plugin for the leading blogging platform and will naturally start developing for WordPress first.

        Part 2 was good man, you’re whole site is awesome! Good work. Do you ever guest post on other sites?

        • Paul,

          Exactly, I guess that’s what it’s all about. Plus everyone’s on WordPress, so it should be a priority.

          As for guest blogging, I did some weeks ago, right now – not much.


          • Paul Burger says:

            Well let me know if you’d be interested in a post over at – I think our users would find great value in the things you write about.

            You’ve got my email -shoot me a line.

  16. Hi Daniel:
    Great post as usual. I realize WordPress has long had quite a following. I have always been sort of amazed about that. I still like Blogger. I have had a couple of quandaries about Blogger, primarily what you said about “Back in 2011 when asked, Blogger’s staff replied that affiliate marketing was actually not forbidden. Their TOS on the other hand also doesn’t say much about it. So you end up not knowing what to think…” Someone online said if Blogger evaporated his blogs he would just start fresh and I decided that is what I would do if it happened. My first blogging experience was as an admin for a WordPress blog and it was a headache. I have had the option to post on another’s blog since then and it was still a time-consuming, counter-productive exercise in my view. I rarely see WordPress blogs that are attractive to me. Blogger is very versatile. My four blogs may not be awesome-looking but I have seen Blogspots that were outstanding and very professional indeed. Blogger is very fast in my opinion and I am grateful for that. There are many nice options besides WordPress and Blogger. I believe Tumblr can be very beautiful too, as exemplified by

    • Hey Liz,

      Hmm, maybe if you aren’t all that serious about it, getting your blog banned might not be a big deal. But think about if you are running the blog for say a year or even two. In that case signing in the other day and seeing the dreadful message “your blog has been removed” would definitely hurt a lot.

      As for WordPress, I also thought it was a headache once I got into it. Now a couple of months later, I can’t even recall what I found that complicated. It’s all about getting used to it I guess.

      But then again I totally agree with you – Blogger blogs are faster. Blogger’s own hosting is very powerful and with a WordPress blog on a custom hosting, you’d have to pay a lot of money to come close to Blogger’s loading speeds.

      Tumblr… I don’t really see it as an alternative, but I haven’t paid that much attention to it anyway.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

  17. Thinking about making a switch because it seems easier with WP to prevent hotlinking, which I’m having a problem with in Blogger. Don’t know why it’s so difficult.

    • Hey Kerry,

      I’ve used the CloudFlare platform to prevent hotlinking. That approach however wouldn’t work on Blogger. I really don’t know what you can do to prevent hotlinking on the Blogger platform…


  18. I really like how easy to use blogger is, and I find it does almost everything I want. Except for allowing for some darn subtitles! I mean, is that really to much to ask for? Good post, I’m thinking of switching to wordpress, but I think I’ll stick to blogger until I actually start getting viewers lol

  19. Wow. Nice review of both of them. I found this site to see if I should move one of my sites around. I got some great information :)

  20. Daniel,

    Congratulations on your move. Thanks for writing the article. I have been helping my wife on her online magazine and we have been using wordpress on Bluehost since November. We moved over from I am considering starting my own blog, but have been thinking a lot about Tumblr. Since my needs are very simple, I think Tumblr would be very easy to set up and still has a lot of the advantages of Blogger.

    • Thomas,

      I haven’t quite dug into Tumbler, so I can’t really give an expert opinion. The fact though is that the platform is simpler than Blogger and WordPress. But if you don’t really need anything too sophisticated, then I believe it will work for you. If you need something more professional though – WordPress is the one I give my vote for. :)


  21. Hi Daniel,

    Do you have any recommendations on services that can help me move from Blogger to WordPress? It’s not if I want to, it’s how at this point. I am at the point where I need more functionality.

    Thanks in advance!

  22. Hi Daniel, often pop here when i see your tweets, anyway all i know is WordPress from zero, only earning 60p a month, but it’s not all about money (for me anyways) i love the experience of WordPress, plugins etc, great hobby!
    Thanks, Jimi.
    Jimi Ellis

  23. Hi Daniel,
    Well written and really great point you have shared via the above post. I agree Blogger is best for newbies.

  24. Riley Adam Voth says:

    Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve been to your blog (and maybe only once or twice), but I remember being impressed. Then, in the last couple weeks I’ve been prepping myself for making this same transition, and tonight I was finally going to do it. Then, in a moment of doubt I did a Twitter search and soon found myself back here! I’m definitely eager to see your next post! Super glad you’re sharing your process!

    • Daniel Sharkov says:

      Hey there Riley,

      Glad that you’ve somewhat accidentally ended up back here!

      I also had my doubts before deciding on making the move, but then the other day without much thinking I went to buy a hosting and began playing with WordPress.

      Hope it all works fine with your move! :)

  25. Very true. is an awesome CMS. People just need to understand the responsibilities that come with self-hosting.

    • So true Matt and that’s why people should really think about what’s involved and what they hope to accomplish when starting out building a blog or website.

      You see I’ve always owned my own self hosting accounts for the simple reasons I stated above, I want control over what I do. But overall blogger is still a great service and it’s still in the top 2 services I would recommend.

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone :)

  26. Self-hosted WordPress blog FOR THE WIN!! Congrats on the move!

  27. Great info and advice. I have 2 Blogger blogs and 1 self-hosted WP blog. Blogger has many great features and some aspects of self-hosting are a pain. For many people, is not the right choice.

    • Hi Matt I hear what you’re about self hosting but! you also have much more to work with to improve your website and also put up some knowledge in the process. It’s kind of nice know if something happens to your content you are not left holding your widgets in your hand:) I personal like to have control over my websites I build because I like to see how things work.

      If you have even a little knowledge using HTML or CSS, it won’t be that hard to figure things out and over time you’ll be surprise how advanced you’ll become.

    • Hi Matt I hear what you’re saying about self hosting but! you also have much more to work with to improve your website and also pick up some knowledge in the process. It’s kind of nice know if something happens to your content you’re not left holding your widgets in your hand so to speak:) I personal like to have control over my websites I build because I like to see how things work.

      If you have even a little knowledge using HTML or CSS, it won’t be that hard to figure things out and over time you’ll be surprise how advanced you’ll become

      Daniel sorry for the double post, the first post had a few typos.

  28. Hello everyone, It’s good to see you on WordPress Daniel, I was wondering when you were going to make that change. Blogger is also a good platform but you kind of out grow it, if you’re truly into blogging or web designing then WordPress is a much better option…..

  29. I just made the move for my author blog this past weekend. While not painless, the timing was perfect since I had pre-written and scheduled blog posts through the end of the month and they all imported. So for two weeks my blog posts are on two different sites.

    I keep finding new plug-ins that I need or want, now I just hope I don’t run into conflicts. I’ve been a Blogger user since early on, I still have half a dozen personal blogs there. I just didn’t want to keep my professional one on there.

    Timely article!

  30. Congratulations on your big move, Daniel! You accomplished a lot with Blogger. I imagine you’ll accomplish even more with WordPress!

    • Daniel Sharkov says:

      Hey Carolyn,

      Thank you for the encouraging words! Will try to prove your words right!

      Have a great day ahead! :)

  31. I can’t comment on Blogger as i’ve never used their platform, only WordPress. I think WordPress is good for beginners as their CMS layout is well designed and pretty straight forward to navigate around. Also, if you are ever stuck on how to do something, there are plenty of free resources on the web to guide you through.

    The only flaw, which isn’t really a flaw, more advice than anything, is that you need to keep your version up to date as WordPress is heavily targeted by hackers as it’s the most popular CMS in the world. Always good advice to back up your site often too, especially when changes are made.

    Welcome to the WordPress world Daniel :)

  32. I loved blogger for the first year! Now I am on wordpress and it seems much better. I agree with you that starting with blogger is a great idea! Lisa
    We Said Go Travel

  33. Great post! I moved from Blogger to WordPress a long time ago. Recently started another blog, tried Blogger, and within the week… moved it to WordPress. Definitely the way to go imo!

    • Daniel Sharkov says:

      Hey Bren,

      Seems like you don’t rea lly like Blogger. I agree with you though – now that I am on WordPress I wouldn’t want to go back.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)