Social Media and Blogging: 4 Ways to Maintain Both and Gain Momentum

Social Media Success Tips It is not hard to see why social media sites are becoming more popular in terms of marketing by the day. They are a great way to multiply your reach and get in front of people who you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. But that’s all of the usual bla-bla on the topic…

Anyway. As important as they are, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and you name it have one problem in common that is affecting pretty much every blogger and marketer out there.

Keep reading to find out what the problem consists of and how to tackle it so that you can be able to keep social media results high and keep content rolling in at the same time:

The Bad Side of Social Media

Bad side… what is that bad side Daniel? I’m getting some retweets, some likes and a couple of repins, why is that bad?

If you are able to do all of this, then you obviously know a thing or two about getting people to listen and engage (see “Social Media Success Myths). From another perspective though, how much time do those tasks cost? Automation here and there helps but the human factor is also important. You have to be there, you need to reply, you need to discuss!

As important as this is for promotion purposes, you first need to have something solid to promote. And sharing the same old stuff doesn’t work. You constantly need to be able to bring something new to the table.

See where I am going? Producing content on frequent enough basis is what actually matters.

Social Media vs Blogging

There’s a real war going on between the two and you might not even be noticing it. It’s right before you. It is the moment when you chose to check out if someone retweeted your latest tweet instead of deciding to put up a couple of sentences for your next article.

And of course once or twice isn’t a big deal, is it? But think about it, once or twice here, once or twice there and you got an hour behind your back.

In the end it turns out you need to choose – blogging or social media…

No, not at all! What you need might just be a couple of tips…

1. Take a Social Media Break

I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of blogging breaks. As good as every blogger is and as much as one might enjoy writing and publishing, sometimes letting go for awhile is the right thing to do.

A blogging break however means leaving everything behind. A social media break is when you get off of all the social networks for a few days and use the time to start producing content.

That’s what I do when I’m low on new material. From that point on, I move on to create relevant and shareable content, I utilize a number of tactics to get more done and I soon have articles waiting for me to publish. Once the cycle is completed and the backlog cleared, I go back to the usual routine, which is just below.

2. 60% Blogging, 40% Social Media

So aside from the break, pretty much everyone who’s into social media will tell you that you need to check in at least once a day to make steady progress. On the other hand there is the writing everyday issue. Writing daily is important for content that gets the attention.

Every now and then I’m getting an email from peeps, wondering why their blog isn’t doing well. Often the case is that they simply skip that writing part. They only write when the day for a new blog post has come. That’s wrong!

So 60 percent blogging and 40 percent social media (roughly of course) is how I divide my work day. And no, that’s not 5% blogging, then 10% social media and then some more blogging. Once you start with the one, you don’t stop until you are done. Ain’t too complicated, is it?

3. While Writing, Writing Matters

A while ago I often had problems keeping myself focused. Getting my posts finished and published was taking weeks.

The problem were distractions. There were just too many of them…

First there was the environment – quite messy to say the least (see “6 Tips to Organize Your Workspace). Then there was the TV that used to work all the time…

However the most important thing was social media. I felt like I just had to check what was going on on Twitter and Facebook every couple of minutes. It had turned into an obsession.

If you are doing the same, it’s time to stop!

You need to constantly remind yourself that content goes first and then it’s everything else. You can set a stopwatch to say 20 minutes and take a two minute break once you hit them. Slowly start increasing that time until you no longer need it. It’s all about replacing your bad habit with a more productive one.

4. Come up with a Schedule

I’m generally not a supporter of the “schedule everything” idea. When you have a blog posting schedule, you start looking at deadlines and more often than not quality stops being a factor.

On the other hand though, creating a schedule with all of the social media routines that you need to do can help you keep track of your progress. My 9-step blog checklist can give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

You basically write down your social media tasks e.g. post on Facebook, reply to comments, etc. and check on them whenever you aren’t sure what else needs to get done.

It’s up to you to decide if you’d prefer to write before or after you’ve dealt with the social media tasks. I’d recommend you to first start with content creation though.

Final Words

Hope you folks enjoyed the read!

That’s pretty much what I do to keep my social media profiles active and get more followers while being able to write articles and publish twice a week.

Share Your ThoughtsAre you successful at maintaining both your blog and your other accounts? If so how do you achieve it?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section! I am looking forward to hearing your two cents!

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  1. I really love this post, especially when you talk about quality comments. I really hate it when someone comments on my blog with something like “cute outfit, want to follow each other?” because you know they are just after followers and not looking at building actual blogging relationships.