Social Media Sizing Guide for Designers and Marketers [Infographic]

Social Media Spec Guide

What are the key ingredients to building a strong social media presence? 

Asked that question, different folks will give different answers. While some will stress on the importance of the number of followers, others will put quality of those followers on the piedestal. Third group will be all about the diversity and the usefulness of what you share…

All of the above are valid points, but aren’t we missing something? 

That’s right. One component that we haven’t mentioned are the profiles themselves.

The first thing that people will see when they land on your Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus (and not only) page will be your cover image and your photo along with other visual elements.

Today’s infographic, created by the Raidious team, is all about those visuals and their proper dimensions!

Below you can discover a great sizing cheat sheet that covers the most important dimensions (cover images, photos, tabs, backgrounds, etc) for all major social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube! 

Scroll down to see it!

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

I really hope you found the infographic useful and the dimensions will help your future projects. I would greatly appreciate it if you take a second to share the post with your friends and followers!

All comments will also be much appreciated!

Which of those networks is your favorite one and why? Have you ever hired a designer to help you with some of the above elements?

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  1. Awesome infographic folks!!!

  2. I truly, truly dislike Facebook. Having said that, I need to really work on my social media pages more. I think my favorite right now is Twitter, and I need to utilize Google + a bit more. I’m branching out, and trying to get away from Facebook, but that’s where all of my “friends” are. They tend to not use any other platform.



  3. I find the infographic useful I always have to search for these dimensions. Will bookmark this for future reference. I will say Facebook but these days, am shifting more to blogging and Linkedin. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Daniel, these sizes differences on each site are sure a pain. Thanks for sharing this, it is really helpful to keep tabs on what size, where and when.

    I am trying to give Pinterest more of a go lately and this is also a place where visuals are super important. Unlike the rest of the platforms, it seems longer is better, so another thing to think about :>

  5. Very nice infographic, thanks for sharing it. I like how it is categorized into some of the major social media channels used by today’s SEO’s.

  6. Nikhil Chandra says:

    Once again a wonderful post. This post of yours is definitely. one stop guide to optimizing images for Social Media. I do take care of the image dimension when it comes to cover image on FB and Twitter or the profile image but I always face problem when it comes to posting images on FB page update. Although many times I fix it through the option given in FB i.e. reposition image but when I have a quote which has proportionally large height than width, I am unable to resolve the problem.
    I guess I’ll have to take care of it through Photoshop.

  7. I really like this Infographic! I actually Pinned it on Pinterest not to long ago.
    One of the first things people see when they go to your social media page is your profile pic and header.
    Having a blurry, out of focused or poorly cropped pic may hurt your credibility instantly.
    This Infographic is very handy. I referred back to this several times already.
    Thanks Daniel!

  8. Hi Daniel

    My favourite social media network has to be Twitter. It’s where I spend most of my time and where I have most of my interaction with people. It also brings a lot of referral traffic to my blog, particularly with the help of Triberr.

    Next comes Google+. I like it because it’s easy to use, you don’t have to pay to promote your posts like on Facebook pages and it’s less formal than LinkedIn.

    I’ve got a header image on Twitter and Facebook but I haven’t added anything to Google+ or LinkedIn as yet. I wouldn’t pay a designer to do anything at the moment. Maybe when I’m a little richer!

    Thank you for sharing Daniel. The infographic is very useful!

  9. Thanks Daniel, very useful resource. But why not go full size for the G+ cover page?

  10. Very useful resource, thanks Daniel. I’ve been wanting to update my Twitter page and have been too busy to bother sorting out the details.

    But one question, why do you recommend 960 x 540 for Google+? Why not just go full size?

  11. I wish I would have had this 6 months ago. Very helpful to someone setting up their social presence.

  12. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    This is interesting :D

    I don’t make use of the features provided by many sites – particularly Twitter and LinkedIn (Well, Twitter is okay. I have an image that I designed earlier. As for LinkedIn, I didn’t know that we could upload a cover image). I have created cover image for FB, so no problem there. But, haven’t done much with Google Plus.

    This would be certainly useful when launching my new blog. Thank you for reminding me about this, Daniel. I had not considered this in my plan :D It would have been a disaster if I had not planned for this (trying to design these while launching my blog? Not a good idea).


    • Hey Jeevan,

      The LinkedIn one was actually also new to me. But that’s probably because I’m not really active over there.

      I really hope it does help indeed and good luck with the launch! :D

  13. Nice info and graphic! Shared

  14. Very helpful, thanks for sharing!!