6 Random Tips for the Most Popular Social Platforms Right Now

Social Media TipsHow many social networks have you signed-up for? 

Chances are if you are marketer you have an account on Twitter, Facebook and hopefully also Google Plus and Pinterest. Right now those are the four “hot” networks and the best places to promote your brand and your content.

But of course saying that is easier than actually doing it…

The fact is not everyone succeeds with those networks and not everyone makes the most out of the time they spend there.

Sometimes you might get the big picture and understand how it all functions, but you might be missing the smaller details. The latter can more often than not be the missing piece to the whole puzzle. A piece without which nothing happens.

And with today’s post I will try to show you some of those elusive pieces that will help you complete this social media puzzle. In the below paragraphs I have covered six social media tips that cover namely the four social platforms I mentioned above.

Let’s get going, shall we!

1. Enable the Follow Feature on Facebook

Previously I suggested that promoting via a Facebook page rather than a personal profile is the way to go. But then again it seems like Facebook is constantly trying to limit the reach of posts, shared from a Facebook page.

And because I have been noticing a decline in the performance of my Facebook page, I decided to put some effort towards my personal account (which I’ve been neglecting quite a lot actually).

The best thing I could think of was the follow feature that enables others to get your notifications without you having to be friends.

Here is what I did: 

Enable the Follow Feature on Facebook

I activated the follow feature by clicking the gear-like button, selecting Account Settings, going to the Followers tab and ticking Turn on Follow.

Once you’ve done that, the next step is to copy the code (found on the same page) and paste it where you find appropriate on your blog. Or if you’d like to customize the Follow button, you can use the code from THAT page.

NOTE: I’d advise you to place the button in the About Me widget (which is a must by the way), right below the short bio. Just see how I did it.

2. Follow the Ones Who Retweet the Influencers on Twitter

An interesting strategy I’ve been testing recently involves adding bookmarks to the Twitter accounts of some of the influencers in my niche.

By influencers I am referring to people with not only a lot of followers, but also with a high authority. In other words individuals and companies who tend to receive a lot of mentions, retweets and favorites.

Here is how it works: 

Follow Retweeters on Twitter

The idea is simple. Every now and then I will go through the accounts I have bookmarked in my browser and follow some of the tweeps, who have retweeted or favorited some of the influencer’s recent tweets.

I currently have bookmarked around twenty accounts, so I only go through the latest 2-3 tweets per Twitter user. Doing so ensures that the tweeps I will follow are actually active, which makes for a better chance of them following me back.

There are three factors when choosing who to follow:

  • The first one is the username they use – is it a real name?
  • Second is the profile photo – does it look genuine?
  • And third comes the number of followers – is it between 200 and 3,000?

The key here is NOT to overdo. I am currently utilizing the strategy just twice a week and follow between a 100 and 200 Twitter users per session. In the end of the week I do get at least 70-80 new ACTIVE followers. All of this has recently resulted in my tweets getting retweeted and favourited more often than normally.

3. Pin Your Google Plus Posts for Additional Exposure

It turns out that Google Plus and Pinterest work pretty good together. Recently whenever I publish a new post and share it on Google Plus, I also pin it to a special Pinterest board that I have set up.

Why not directly pin from my blog you’d ask… 

Well because when I cross-share from Google Plus, when my Pinterest followers see the post and hopefully click on the image I’ve pinned, they will first be redirected to the Google Plus story for the post. That way they will also be given the chance to plus one or reshare the post after they read it, thus giving me additional exposure.

Okay, now how do you go about it? 

  • The first step is to add the Pinterest Pin It button to your browser. Here’s a download link for Chrome and one for Firefox. The extension will allow you to pin images from any page that you are currently browsing.
  • Pin Your Google Plus PostsSecond step is to click on the timestamp of the Google Plus story for your latest post. That way you will open up only that specific story in a new URL.
  • Thirdly once on that page you need to click the Pinterest button that you just added to your browser, select the image from the post (yes, don’t forget to add an image to your post!), add a short description and pin it to your Pinterest board.

4. Retweet New Content from Your Facebook Page

Here’s another way to cross-promote your content and get more social shares along the way…

This time we are talking about combining Twitter and Facebook. The process is quite similar to the one I explained in the above paragraph. When you publish a new post on your Facebook page, you can share the Facebook story for the post on Twitter again by clicking on the timestamp of the post.

The first benefit is that you can get more people liking the story on Facebook, which will mean more visibility for the story in other people’s streams. The second benefit is that you can actually get a lot of new fans that way. With the help of this approach I got my first 300 or so fans some months ago. 

NOTE: With the Buffer plugin (only Chrome version as of now), you can easily schedule the Facebook stories of your choice for sharing on Twitter at a later time.

5. Don’t Forget to Use Formatting and Hashtags on Google Plus

As of now Google Plus is the only social platform that allows you to add formatting to your posts. And that feature is there for a reason. I’d strongly advise you to always format the descriptions you write if you want more people to pay attention and as a result comment, plus one or reshare your posts.

Here’s a really cool guide (created by Simon Heyes) on how to format your Google Plus posts:

Google Plus Formatting Guide

Aside from formatting, another thing you should consider is hashtags. While on Facebook hashtags not only don’t work, but they actually shrink the exposure of published stories, on Google Plus it’s exactly the opposite. 

What I would advise you is to always include 2-3 hashtags right at the end of the descriptions for your Google Plus posts. Of course in order to make the most out of them make sure they are actually relevant. While writing the hashtags you will be given suggestions, based on what is popular. Best would be to use some of the suggested hashtags. 

6. Use the Sticky Post Feature on Triberr

Triberr is currently one of the best ways to multiply your social media shares and the sooner you sign-up, the sooner you will start bringing more social traffic to your posts.

So what is Triberr? 

Triberr is a place where you can join and create the so-called tribes – communities with members that share similar interests. Whenever a member of the tribe has a new post, that post gets imported to Triberr for all other members to share it on Twitter and other networks.

But anyway, even if you are active on Triberr, have you made a post of yours sticky? 

What this feature does is it allows you to sticky your latest post at the top of your tribal stream. That way your post will stay right at the top of the stream in all your tribemates for the five days it is active.

What this means for you?

Almost double the shares and a lot more traffic. With more people noticing and reading the post, you will also get new invites to other tribes, expanding your reach even further.

A sticky post costs five bucks so it’s quite a bargain right now.

So how do you create a sticky post? 

Create a Sticky Post on Triberr

Final Words

That’s pretty much it. I really hope you found the tips I shared in the above paragraphs useful!

Now I would really love to hear your two cents! 

Have you enabled the follow feature on Facebook? Do you cross-promote your content? What other tips can you add up to the list? 

Please take a minute to share! :)

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  1. Daniel! I have to say I’m very impressed with you. I’m actually an active follower of yours and I do tend to reshare your finds from time to time (in fact, I just shared this blog posting over the Google+ network right before I started typing this). I HAVE to ask, what is it you’re doing with this vast repository of social media-oriented knowledge? Are you consulting or what (lol!)?. Keep up the quality and the world is yours, Sir!

  2. Daniel,
    Great post with actionable info people can put to work right now. The Twitter strategy is hot, and judging by your follower count, seems to be highly effective. Don’t stop there though. Engage with influencers and their active followers, share their content, and mention them in tweets. Twitter can be an awesome relationship tool, but as with most relationships, the key is putting intoi t at least as much as you want to get out of it.

  3. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.

    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web
    browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.

    The design look great though!Hope you get the issue fixed soon.

  4. These are some really helpful tips. Going to go try some now!

  5. It’s great to see some fresh social media ideas, especially things that you’ve tried and had success with yourself. I just added the Facebook follow button for my personal page because you’re right, I have NO luck getting views from my Facebook page anymore.

  6. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Great tips, Daniel :D

    I have tried to create another account with FB (Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to complete the identity verification process). Hopefully I will be able to do that soon.

    Follow feature does look awesome – I have seen it in many FB profiles, and I thought it was a default option. Thanks for sharing that.

    #2 does look interesting. I am trying to maximize my results with Twitter; get as many as active followers/following as I can. I have had some success with the current strategy (trying to increase the exposure by spreading out the tweets throughout the day instead of concentrating all my tweets within 6-8 hrs) Anyways, I will be testing this strategy soon.

    #3 – Will people become annoyed that we are redirecting them to another social media site?

    Anyways, I do appreciate all the tips :) Thank you for sharing them, Daniel. Hope you are having a good week!

    • Hey Jeevan,

      I am not really sure, but is creating multiple accounts actually permited? I guess that’s also an option if you want to use a personal account but don’t want to mix personal stuff.

      About #2 – I do believe you should give the strategy a go if you are looking for a way to bring more Twitter users over to your profile.

      About #3 – To date I haven’t received any complaints about the way I cross-promote my content, so I think most folks are fine with that.

      Thanks for your consistent commenting over here and have a graet weekend my friend! :)

  7. i must admit using Facebook follow profile as an alternative for a facebook page is genius,
    thank you for this amazing idea, the reach of a facebook page is less than 10% of it’s audience, you have to pay to promote the posts now.
    but for me the best social media for business is by far LinkedIn, it’s big and everybody is there on business profiles, and what’s beautiful about it, is there’s no limitation.
    you can grow your network indefinitely, you can add as many people to your network without getting your account suspended or whatever crap we usually have to deal with in Facebook and Google+ (add few people as friends and they block your account)
    also there’s no limitation on the number of friends(facebook limit your account to 5000 friend maximum), i make it a habit to add 20 person daily to my network on LinkedIn and everybody is already there on Business profiles and to network so out of 20 persons all the 20 persons will accept my friend request, everybody is there to grow their network.
    my posts reach allot of people easily!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

    • Hey Mithc,

      If I have to be quite honest, I have a LinkedIn account, but never paid too much attention to that network. And based on what you say, it seems like you can grow a good following over there. I guess it’s all about not going overboard and making your profile feel spammy.

      I will probably give LinkedIn another go in the coming weeks and see how it works!

      Thannk you for commenting! :)

  8. Hey Daniel, great post man, lots of really good social media tips here – I particularly like the Twitter one, clever way of identifying active tweeps in your niche who are likely to retweet and/or fave. On the back of your post I’ve had a go making a post sticky on Triberr and now have a follow friendly Facebook.. Very interested to see the impact of making sticky on Triberr will have..

    • Hey Robert,

      Glad you liked some of the tips man! Indeed that’s exactly the idea of following retweeters. I can’t really figure out a better way to discover active Twitter users. Of course you can use 3rd party tools, but Twitter recently limited a lot of their useful features through their API.

      As for Triberr, how’s the post doing? I hope the five bucks were worth it.

      Have a great weekend my man! :)

  9. Hey Daniel
    This is a fantastic resource you have created here.
    I am a big fan of creative ways of working with Social Media, but I have not learnt these techniques before. Awesome job.
    And thanks so much for sharing them too

  10. Great tips, Daniel, very specific and helpful. Thank you. I’m not sure how I feel about opening up my personal Facebook profile to outside followers, but the blurred line between business and personal content on social media is a whole other discussion.

    • Hey Oren,

      You are most welcome, I”m glad you enjoyed them!

      As for Facebook, yeah, that depends a lot on how “personal” your profile is. There are a lot of marketers who seem to mix both business and more personal stuff, while others prefer to draw the line. If you lean towards the latter, a Facebook page is the answer I guess.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  11. Wonderful tips Daniel,
    Recently, I have started using buffer app to schedule my post.I will try these social media tips to increase my traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

  12. Honestly, it’s great! Thumb up to you! Don’t have the idea in pinning the G, good thing I run to your blog!

    Janell’s latest blog…. storage units draper Utah

  13. Daniel,

    Great tips buddy. Thanks for sharing this! Appreciate the heads up on this and LOVE the Follow Button (FB)! Thank you so much once again.

  14. Hi Daniel,
    Nice set of tips. You are right it’s these little insider tips that can transform your experience with Social Media. As they say, it’s the little cogs that make the big wheels turn!


  15. We hadn’t heard of Triberr at all, so thank you for bringing that networking site to our attention.

    Enjoyed reading about your Twitter influencer strategy, but was surprised that you add 100-200 at a time when you said to be moderate. Is that moderate? Lol.

    Anyhow, would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the 100-200 count.

    Thanks for the information!


    • Hey Jose,

      You are welcome, Triberr’s a graet network tha with some networking, can help you get a lot of additional exposure.

      As far as the following goes, keep in mind we are talking about doing that twice a week. And although it might seem a little aggressive, that is the number that seems to work well for me. To be more precise, you’d be better off going for somewhere in the middle.


  16. Hi Daniel,

    Excellent insight! I like your FB Page tip for retweeting posts; cross-promoting makes a big league difference in boost follower/fan counts. I would add to be super active on any network to gain more traction.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Ryan,

      True that man! Cross promotion is a big way to improve your weaker networks by using a stronger one that you have and thus bringing people over. I agree, if you are not active, things will surely go downhill.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, always appreciate your two cents!

  17. Found your blog through a RT, funnily enough. :-) Great tips and I’ll definitely be giving the Twitter one a shot. Do you find it’s easier once you have a certain number of followers, or if you maintain a certain ratio of followers vs. follows? Thanks.

    • Hey Sharon,

      That’s great, glad you came across my blog!

      Well I wouldn’t say it’s easier. It is just that your reach increases and thus your shares become more retweetable so to say. However as more people find you, you have to spend more time engaging, but it is worth it. As for the ratio, every now and then I take the time to clean inactive Twitter users that I’m following using a tool like ManageFlitter.

      Have an awesome weekend ahead! :)

  18. These are really great tips. I had no idea about G+ and Pinterest being compatible with each other. Also, I thought hashtags were all good on Facebook now. No?

  19. Malika Bourne says:

    Wow!,Daniel, you spent a lot of time putting this together. I appreciate that!
    I am loving the new look!

    I am happy to know I am doing a few thing right-that is because I am learning a lot from you over the last year.

    It will take this old lady a while to implement these tips. I will be back to follow the steps you laid out.
    I hear you saying, also, that you can’t do it all, either. I have to pick and choose and lot to get things done.

    • Hey Malika,

      Yeah, indeed it took a good few hours. Thanks about the redesign, I also think it’s a lot better looking this way. :)

      Definitely take your time and consider the tips that you aren’t already following. Overtime they sure will help you improve.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! :)

  20. GREAT tips! I really dig the tip for Twitter & the Pinning of G+ posts. Thanks for sharing these