Triberr Review: Multiply Your Twitter Reach and Supercharge Your Retweets

Triberr reviewTwitter is the standard right now, there’s no denying. Simply because everyone serious about doing business online is using it, there’s no easy way to get eyeballs on your content.

Quality is not a deciding factor anymore (or is it?) and tweeting great stuff can only do so much. There are dozens and dozens of apps (see Best Twitter Tools) and sites that are there to help one get the most out of Twitter.

One of those is called Triberr. Although Triberr became quite popular lately, there are still a lot of folks, unaware of this great way to get targeted traffic.

With the below paragraphs I’d like to share a bit of my Triberr experience and encourage you to give it a try:

The Essence

So why would anyone of you want to sign up for Triberr?

The most important thing we are all after is traffic and that is exactly what this platform is meant to get you – hundreds of visitors with each new post your publish.

The system behind Triberr is simple. You connect your blog’s RSS feed and whenever a new post is detected, it gets submitted to every one of your tribemates’ stream.

Posts first need to be approved but that shouldn’t scare you – due to the fact that people are organized in tribes with similar interests, as long as you stick to the topic, most of your articles will get retweeted.

Finding The Right Tribemates

There are a couple of ways to get people to join your tribe or to earn yourself an invite:

  • Take a look at the so-called “Bonfires – a forum-like system with a section where people can share what tribes they want to join and what kind of tribemates they’d like to have in their own tribes.
  • Use social media to promote –The most relevant place is Twitter of course, but you can extent further to Facebook and Google+.
  • Connect with people, who might be interested in joining – That’s how I got some of my tribemates to join me. Being direct pays off. Asking people on Twitter will probably be enough as long as you share similar content.
  • Write a Triberr article and include your request – Reviewing the service, might get poeple to join you as a way to say “Thank you”. You should only accept folks, who share quality and relevant content though.

Triberr’s New Comment System

Comments are a key ingredient to blogs plus they do play a role as a social proof.

WordPress users can greatly benefit from Triberr’s new commenting system, which is both visible on Triberr and on the respective blogs. Installing it allows comments to be written straight from Triberr’s interface, so you get more comments and create better discussions.

The ReBlog Feature

Reblogging your content allows for other bloggers to share it on their blogs, giving you backlinks in return.

What happens is that the article you have published also gets published on the blog, whose blogger decided to reblog it. As long as there is no abuse and this doesn’t turn into a way for filling your blog with someone else’s content entirely, it is a win-win situation. The blogger gets fresh high quality content and you get credit for the post and links, pointing to your blog.

As of now the feature is exclusive to WordPress users with self-hosted blogs. This probably won’t be a problem, since most of you are using that same configuration. Click the following link for further information and installation isntructions.

You End up Getting More Twitter Followers…

Getting targeted and relevant followers is everyone’s goal. With Triberr you can achieve this. The more tribes you get into, the more tribemates you have. It is a simple equation really – more members equals more people sharing your content, which results in your message getting seen by more folks, who haven’t yet discovered you.

Since as I mentioned above tribes share highly relevant content, you will also get in front of a highly relevant audience, boosting your chance of getting a follow.

…And a Ton of Retweets

Overall it comes down to this – the more tribemates, the more direct shares you’ll get. The more followers your tribemates have, the more additional retweets down the line you’ll get.

My articles receive roughly 50-60 retweets from Triberr members alone. Add to those, other Twitter users retweeting and you easily reach 100 shares.

Obviously those shares widen your content’s reach. What’s more though is that they also encourage your blog’s visitors to spread the word. It’s psychology really – if you see an article that has been tweeted over 100 times and one with only 7 or 8 retweets, which one you’d be more willing to promote?

Start by Joining my Tribe

So now that you already signed up (hopefully), I would like to present you with an opportunity join my tribe, which has a reach of exactly 122,678. There are some criteria to meet though:

  • You need to have at least 3,000 followers
  • You need to be writing mostly about social media, blogging and traffic generation
  • You need to provide quality content

Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to join and you believe you meet the above requirements!


As a conclusion I would like to say that Triberr is an awesome way to get more people reading, sharing and commenting on your content. And I’m talking from first-hand experience here. Have you tried the service? If so, what is your impression? I’m more than willing to hear your feedback!

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  1. Thank you for this article.

    A friend emailed me, this morning, about Triberr, suggesting I join as it spread the word about my cat blogging and my other blog asd well, leading to various opportunities.
    Wanting to know more I checked out the site and did a google, bringing up your article, among others.

  2. Cheers for the post – hadn’t heard of Triberr until I came across it and have now signed up.. Sadly, I feel like the short kid who isn’t tall enough to get on the rollercoaster as I’m still shy of 1,000 followers on Twitter so somewhat off the pace to join your tribe.. but watch this space.. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday! :)

  3. Hi!

    After reading this, I felt my Triberr experience is so limited!

    Thanks for sharing the part especially about the reblogging part. That is sweet stuff man.

    Keep it up!


  4. I’m a long-time Triberr user and, I agree, it’s a great tool to broaden your reach on Twitter. What isn’t so good is the fact that it seems to go offline for long periods of time. Hopefully with its new look and new features, that’ll be a thing of the past in no time at all.

  5. I enjoy your easy to understand articles. Thanks for the info on Triberr-I recently joined, but didn’t understand how it worked. This article is helpful.
    You have a lot of great, useful articles that I enjoy reading. Thanks so much!

  6. I would like to join your tribe but I currently only have 1500 followers on Twitter and around 1200 on Facebook. Let me know if I could still join! Trying to learn the system.