Tweet Adder 4: New Features, New Pricing and How to Save Money

Tweet Adder 4Tweet Adder is one of the few tools that I’ve been seriously promoting for the past months.

And you know why?

Well simply because that is THE tool when it comes to managing your Twitter account, getting targeted followers and keeping your following clean of spammers. 

Over time with the help of Tweet Adder I have been able to discover thousands of Twitter followers (to date I have over 63,000 of them). I am not talking about any followers, but folks who are interested in what I have to say, who retweet my content and who like to engage.

And now to the point…

As of 26th of April, there is a new version of Tweet Adder. With this new version a new pricing model will also come. Instead of the one time fee that you pay now to own Tweet Adder, after only a few weeks, you will have to pay on monthly basis. 

There’s the thing however…

If you buy the product now, before the changes, you will still get it for the one-time fee without having to make monthly payments. That is exactly what I am offering you right now. AND if you decide to purchase Tweet Adder from me, you get an additional 20% discount by with the discount code DS20.

What Tweet Adder 4 Offers

For good or bad automation is not present anymore. The Tweet Adder team has decided to strictly obey Twitter’s terms of service and the tool finally uses Twitter’s API and Ouath authentication.  And even though you can’t set the tool to discover new followers on autopilot, the manual approach can still deliver results. It will take more time, but there’s a reduced chance to get your account banned if you abuse the system.

Anyway here is a glimpse on the features Tweet Adder version 4 offers:

  1. Crash Fixes
  2. Improved Search Filters (works with all search types)
  3. Filter Results by:
    • Followers
    • Friends
    • Tweets
    • Filter Private Accounts
    • Filter Accounts with default profile images
    • & More
  4. New Unfollow filtering options:
    • Not Following Back
    • No Profile Image
    • Foreign Language
    • High Ratio
    • Inactive
    • Talkative
    • Quiet
  5. Updated profile data search – up-to-date search results
  6. Improved White/Black List now supports importing and exporting

Here’s a video from the Tweet Adder guys to shed more light on the above features:

If all of this feels like something you might be interested in, get Tweet Adder now for a one-time fee by clicking the button below. Make sure to add DS20 as a discount code to save additional 20% off the price:

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  1. Hi all, lets call a spade a spade. Tweet adder 4 is no good at all. You can now do most of their feature with other free software. Tweetadder 3 and all the auto stuff is what made the product great. Even then they had bad customer service but you didn’t mind as the product was good. Now its a bad product that’s not worth the price.

    Sorry but ture

  2. I have had the same experience with Tweet Adder as has Jen and Vik.
    System crashes are the norm and they are in denial or at a loss at what to do.
    I have written them several times with very little help.Sometimes they don’t respond at all.
    This has been going on since they disabled Tweet Adder 3 in late May
    A total time waster.
    Stay away

  3. Tweet Adder 4 has been horrific for me. Un-usable for two weeks and support totally ignore for me. Disgraceful.

    • I’ve been dealing with the same issues with them, Vik. They’ve suggested some settings changes and a few other things, all of which I’ve followed, but they don’t work. The program still crashes every time it’s opened and all support can say is “We’re working on it.” This is something I’d expect from a free program, not one that requires a $75+ license. So disappointed.

  4. Are there any alternatives to TweetAdder 4? Version 3 was very useful, version 4 is useless…Is there any other piece of software that has good follow/unfollow automation?

  5. I started using TweetAdder 3 to manage a client’s social media. It worked great, had no problems, and I liked it so much that I was going to buy several licenses for some of my own Twitter accounts I have for various websites. Then I upgraded to TweetAdder 4 and it has been nothing but a giant headache.

    When I click the Follow Later List, it instantly crashes/freezes every single time. Never works. Rendering the program useless – this is the only feature I really need on the entire program.

    Support has been unhelpful – the only suggestion they had was a Settings fix, and that did not work. How can someone charge $75 for a program that is useless? I am so disappointed with this new update.

    • Hello Jen, Quick note. As of version 4.0.130524 they fixed the follow back list problem. Caveat. In order for me to get it to work correctly, the following steps had to be implemented.
      1) Removed old version on TweetAdder 3
      2) Installed the new update TweetAdder 4
      3) Restarted computer
      4) Saved just a few to the follow later list and then press the Overview button. It started updating the users again.
      I immediately emptied out the cache of the old users who were crashing before.
      The same steps may help you. I have not had the system crash on the follow later list since.
      Kind regards, James

  6. Losing the automation for following and unfollowing is a big deal. Not surprising that this product is the result of lawyers getting involved to settle the lawsuit that Twitter filed last year.

    We are still using it but will see soon if it is still worth using down the road.

  7. New program = new habbits, sorry to see the automation very much limited.

  8. Daniel,

    Tweetadder didn’t “choose” to do anything.

    Twitter corporate told them they had to.

    Now, it’s just another tool. A weak one, too.

    And, I want my money back.


  9. This is a great posts and review. I might consider tweet adder too. I want real follower who will tweet, retweet and read my posts. I have an experiment with twitter few weeks ago and it was good however the result is not as good as expected. One more thing, I am stunned with your template.

  10. Hi Daniel, I too purchased Tweetadder 4 a month ago. The search features have helped immensely. experienced a lot of crashes though. So far we have we received 2 fix updates. However, I was banned for a few days and it seems Twitter was trying to get me to stop using it all together. I believe I was able to show them the responsible way I have been using the program. This is just an FYI

  11. I take it back. I see no real value to TweetAdder 4 that cannot be obtained from free tools.

    I just installed Tweetadder 4, and they also took away the feature that was the most valuable to me – the ability to generate unique tweets from a single string – i.e. “the {red,blue,black} bird flew away” used to generate 3 unique tweets. Now I’d have to type those tweets in manually. Not a big deal when it’s just 3 tweets, but when I want to create 800 tweets by writing 50 strings each with 16 unique permutations – well….that’d be a lot of typing :(

    After reading around, it was clear that this was all driven by Twitter and a lawsuit they filed against the makers of Tweetadder. A bummer, really. It was good while it lasted.

    • Hey Hollis,

      Yeah, Twitter forced them to take all automation out of the tool. You might be right, there are a lot of free online tools that can do a similar job. It’s maybe that everything is included in this one. The real problem right now for me is that it is quite slow and crashy, so I am considering suspending my reviews.

      Thank you for sharing your feedback!

  12. Bad move – removing half the valuable features. And then increasing the price.
    And not allowing people who purchased v3 to continue to use the product was a nasty move.
    Manual unfollow filters are much better with a free product – manageflitter. Many other products (free and paid) allow scheduled tweets.
    All that said, I use tweetadder for its ability to generate unique tweets. I could write a program to do this if I spent a day or two- but why would I do that?
    I’m annoyed and this will hurt tweetadder. But it’s still a useful product. My guess is that the fault lies mostly with Twitter- I bet they came down on tweetadder and forced this move. Otherwise tweetadder would probably have been banned as a result of tos violations as a ‘bot’.

  13. Hey Daniel,

    Twitter Adder? Hmm, that’s fairly new to me. I am very interested to try it after reading your descriptions to it. I never really thought that such tool exist with so much potential and support features. I will definitely buy one and try it out if its suitable for me. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Now that the automation is gone there are much better alternatives like SB. Glad I never got around to buying it.


    ps. please don’t put me on any email lists. Thanks.

  15. Hi Daniel,

    I’ve also upgraded to the new version of Tweet Adder, but honestly I liked the previous version more, I think that is what made Tweet Adder a great tool to use. I still use it nonetheless but it takes me more time to find and follow people without the automation.

    Thankfully I’ve bought my license a long time ago so I won’t be affected by the pricing switch.

    Have a great weekend.


    • Hey Philip,

      That’s definitely true man. The automation was something great, but the problem is it wasn’t exactly per Twitter’s TOS. Now with the new version, they have the green light. I agree though, it takes more time to use the tool now, but I guess the era of high automation (which Tweet Adder provided) is over. Twitter is getting too strict.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  16. I’m with you for your recommendations of Market Samurai and Clicky, but I’m really not feeling TweeAdder. Great deal for those interested though.. a discoutn coupon plus non-monthly’s if buy now.. good stuff

  17. This will be the death of TweetAdder. How about all the people that purchased the product in the last few months who have in now completely changed from what they were paying for? Automated follow, Unfollow and Tweeting was what made is so attractive to so many who were using it to build a targeted market. Someone will come up with an alternative to fill the void. They always do

    • Hey Vic,

      I do agree with you. That was a really drastic move, there should’ve been some notice as to where things are going. But then again I believe the new features, although not automated would still work rather well, both in terms of cleaning your following and discovering new followers. The process will take more time though.


      • I never really got started with Tweet Adder and so I’m sad to see it going away. In reality TweetAdder 4 is a whole new program hoping to sell people on completely different features than they bought TweetAdder 3 for. That being said I am glad to see Twitter cleaning up the spammers. I hope it was worth the cost.

  18. I have benefited greatly with tweet adder… from getting followers to getting my content syndicated. The best feature I like is you can search for a targeted market to follow or be followed. Do you know how much the monthly fee is going to be?

    • Hey Sherman,

      Unfortunately I don’t have information as to how much it is going to cost. I believe though a one-time fee would pay itself over time. ;)


  19. I have been using some online tools for some features and others for other features. But tweet adder looks like has almost all features and that also for a good price. So if a person purchases it now does he gets a lifetime license?

    • Hey Keral,

      Yes, you won’t have to pay monthly fees. :)


    • Stanley Van Heerden says:

      Daniel we now know how Tweetadder is, they charge you then change and takeaway funcions as they please with no warning. Software companies that do that cannot be trusted. They have no consideration for thier clients. Tweetadder 4.0 is a total waste of money not recomended at all. All the advertising and false marketing will not change that.
      So whether you work for them or just endorse them you are hurting your own reputation.