Tweet Adder Review – Getting Targeted Twitter Followers the Easy Way

Tweet Adder Review

Are you happy with the results Twitter delivers for you?

More than two years ago, when I started, I wasn’t…

And the fact is that obtaining Twitter followers and converting those followers into visitors, readers and subscribers isn’t an easy task…

In order to boost your Twitter presence and turn the platform into a decent source for referral traffic, you need the right tools!

Today I will present one tool that has given me a huge helping hand in getting lots of quality Twitter followers and traffic along the way.

That tool is Tweet Adder!

My Tweet Adder review gives an in-depth look at some of the most important functions of Tweet Adder and reveals the action steps required to getting quality followers. Let’s get going!*

Proof of Results

Numbers of followers are worthless if they don’t actually result in traffic! Here is how my Twitter traffic looks for the past thirty days:

Is Quantity Really a Factor?

Before we start with the Tweet Adder review, an obvious question that comes to mind is do you really need more followers and what strength in numbers can do for you. Well here are the main benefits:

  • Direct traffic - probably the most obvious of them all. The more followers, the bigger the chance of someone seeing and checking out your tweets.
  • More followers lead to even more followers – something interesting I found about Twitter is that the more followers you have, more people will be inclined to hit “Follow”.
  • The importance of social proof - the above is a result from social proof’s power. When people see that you are followed by a whole lot of people or that your posts are receiving hundreds of retweets, it’ll be easier for them to trust you.
  • You multiply your reach – you not only get more direct traffic, but you also end up receiving more retweets, which increase your visibility and lets you be discovered by more new tweeps.

Automation Isn’t always a Bad Thing

Automation is generally perceived as something bad, mostly because of the spam bots that social media sites are full of.

The reality however is that as long as you don’t abuse the system, a bit of it doesn’t hurt and it’s even a good thing. After all who wouldn’t want to easily filter out the bad and discover the good followers instead?

I’m not sure there’s anything to lose, but I know what you can gain – time! You save precious minutes for the most important tasks without sacrificing quality.

Tweet Adder Review

Interface and Navigation

The layout is the first aspect. In the main screen, you can clearly see each of the features as well as an indicator showing which one is enabled and which one is disabled.

You don’t need more than five minutes to navigate your way through. Still if you fail to understand what a function does or how it works, on the upper right side there is a help button that provides you with all of the information you need:
Tweet Adder Tweet Search
That is where the magic happens. The “Tweet Search” button is the place to start looking for targeted followers. As you can see there are a variety of parameters to choose from (e.g. keywords, location, etc).

You Decide What to Put on Autopilot

Tweet Adder Sidebar

One of the great things about Tweet Adder is that you can actually choose what you want to automate and what you want to have control over.

Basically there is the option to leave everything up to the software. This means that as long as the tool is running, you will have your account following, unfollowing and discovering new tweeps without you having to take any action.

There is one problem however - full automation doesn’t leave too much room for proper research and it’s not very effective

The approach I prefer is to rather go through each field by hand. This includes things like testing different keywords and choosing the kinds of tweeps I’d like (e.g. number of followers, tweets, activity), as well as deciding how much people I’d like to follow with the current session.

Even that “more labor-intensive” approach won’t require more than 20-30 minutes per day though.
Tweet Adder - Follow Feature
The above is the “Follow” feature. As you can see there are two columns – one is called “Send Follows Now” and the other one says “Automation Settings”. These two are the difference between automating or using the manual approach instead.

So How Do You Actually Get Targeted Followers?

That is the main reason for using Tweet Adder after all. The idea behind this software is to follow a specific number of people, to see who follows you back and who doesn’t and finally to unfollow some of those whom you have followed in the first place.

Now you are probably thinking that the technique doesn’t seem too legitimate. You are after all unfollowing a person who you followed some days ago. The truth is that doing so is pretty much the only way to find out who might be interested in what you have to say and who isn’t.

So what happens in the end is that you only unfollow the irrelevant ones or in other words the people who won’t help you expand your brand.

Finding Tweeps Based on Keywords

Without doubt the best thing about Tweet Adder is that you can find peeps based on a keyword. As we all know, if you are not targeting the right audience, the chances of people acting on your call to actions are slim.

The keyword search is great if you are promoting something or just trying to find folks in a specific niche. There is more than one way to use the feature. You can either go for niche-focused keywords to find people, who might be interested in your blog for example or identify specific features of the product you are promoting and use those as keywords to find potential clients.

The idea is not to bombard your newly discovered followers with spam but to get in touch with them (no automated DMs please) and create a conversation. Once you gain their trust, you can eventually recommend your service, product, etc. Notice that you first create a discussion and you then move on to actually making the sale. That matters!

Tweet Adder Doesn’t Eat Up Your API

Back in the days, one of the big issues about Tweet Adder and probably the reason why it wasn’t as effective as it is now, was the fact that earlier versions were based around Twitter’s API. The API is made in such a way that it limits the number of requests that can be made per hour, which severely limited the tool’s functionality.

Now with that problem out of the way, you are able to use more Twitter apps simultaneously without reaching the specified limit.

Is it Possible to Get Banned from Twitter?

From the Tweet Adder review moving on to another important aspect – can you actually get your Twitter accounts suspended?

The good thing about Tweet Adder is that you can adjust the process of following people, so as to make it more human-like. If you set the number of daily follows/unfollows below 300, you are well in the safe zone. I have been using the tool for more than six months now and never had issues. As long as you are not aggressively following more than 700-800 people a day, there won’t be any problems.

Basically the system works by unfollowing the ones who haven’t followed you back (as I mentioned above) after a specific period of time and then repeating the process. As long as you space those tasks well in time, you won’t have problems. The software simply helps you find the tweeps with the highest chance of following you back (based on the various criteria I talked about earlier in the post).

How to Get 20% Discount on Your Purchase

For all of you who’d like to save some dollars on the tool, here is how to get yourself a 20% discount code:

  1. Click on one of the “Download Tweet Adder” buttons in this post
  2. You will be redirected to Tweet Adder’s official page
  3. Click on one of the “Buy now” buttons
  4. Choose the plan that works best for you
  5. At the checkout stage add “DS20″ (no quotes) in the “coupon code (optional)” field
  6. You will immediately see the discount taking effect on the right side
  7. You are done


Hope you found my Tweet Adder Review useful guys! All in all if you’d like to discover highly targeted Twitter followers and build a good follower-base, then you should take a look at Tweet Adder. Now it is your turn. Have you tried it? If so what is your experience with the tool? All comments are welcome!

*There are affiliate links included in this post

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  2. Tweet Adder is a nice tool, thanks for the review. But is it really worth to concentrate only on one social network and manage it only with one tool? I prefer to have just one working space where I am like the king of control and manage multiple accounts on Twitter and Facebook. BuzzBundle is so much better for this and helped to get tremendous results already.

    • John O'Riordain says:

      Indeed it is. TweetAdder was somewhat short of the functionallity that I needed so I switched to BuzzBundle and I’d say it’s pretty amazing in terms of the social media coverage it offers

  3. Stanley Van Heerden says:

    Unfortunatly version 4 is not worth even touching. It has nothing available that is not already free. Tweetadder change thier software with no prior warnings and remove vital funcions as they please without any consideration of the client and the cost of the software. Therefore cannot be trusted!

  4. Hi — Nice post, and I took your advice and bought the program. Unfortunately, I can’t even get it to start, i.e. I can’t get myself registered, so I can’t use it. And TweetAdder is sending emails back begging not to be bothered, so there’s no help available there either. So, all in all, spent the funds for absolutely nothing in return. My recommendation to you is to consider suspending your endorsement until they resolve their help-desk issues.
    Alternatively, maybe you can help me :)

    • Hey Curt,

      Unfortunately it seems like TweetAdder is going in a bad direction, due to Twitter forcing them to remove all automation and the latest version (which looked pretty good, but after examining it more closely, is quite crashy). As for your problem, it’s quite weird I haven’t had something like that happen. Do you get any error message?


      • I’m using v 4.0.130506. I open the program and try to get started using it. I go under “manage users,” which I understand is where I should add the one account I have a license for. Under “Add Twitter Profile,” I write in my Twitter username. The registration code is there, the same one as in the email TweetAdder sent me after having purchased the program (at your recommendation, which I understand you now no longer stand by). After the registration code, under “Allowed users” it says “1″ and under Allocated Users, it says “0″. I click on “Add User” at the bottom of the page. Then I get the message, “There was an error activating this user. It may have already been activated using a different license. Please contact support if you need assistance.”
        If this gives you any thoughts, I’d be grateful. (Although, I’m not really interested in the program anymore, given your evaluation of the new version.)

        • Curt,

          That’s really weird. I’ve never heard of someone getting this error message. I did a bit of search but unfortunately I couldn’t find a solution. Did you try reinstalling and then installing the software again?

          As for my endorsement, I would be willing to give it back when the Tweet Adder team gets back to normal and when they fix the slow loading and the crashes. I really hope that happens soon. Other than that it’s a shame they switched to those new features almost without a letting their users know…


  5. Daniel, This post is now outdated. With TweetAdder 4.0 the ability to follow/unfollow automatically is ruined. It’s a shame, but I think the software program just self-destroyed.

    • Yes with 4.0 following Twitter’s TOS the software is no longer fully automated and seems to be crashing a lot while trying to load the follow later list. Software was a good time saver, now not so sure.

  6. It’s just one of those things, if you want professional results you need a professional tool.
    I’ve been growing my Twitter followers 100% organically but It seems like I hit a wall at around 800.

    I’m looking to test a tool like this to break through, thanks for the discount.

    • That’s how it is Darnell. Achieving those results without a tool is a very difficult and time-consuming task. That’s just how it is.

      You are most welcome, really hope you find Tweet Adder helpful! :)

  7. Hi Daniel,

    I’ve been using Tweet Adder since November ’12 and it’s really a huge time saver. I only have to use the program a couple of minutes every 2-3 days when I unfollow people who didn’t follow me back. I know a lot of people are afraid about Twitter’s rules and think Tweet Adder might get their account banned, but if you know how to use it and don’t spam people with DMs your ok.

    I only use it for the follow/unfollow features, I like everything else like tweets, RTs to be manual.

    Have a great day Daniel.Cheers.


    • Philip,

      Indeed I believe it’s all about using it properly. I mean even if you follow and unfollow big numbers of people the manual way, you are still doing what’s called a follow/unfollow churn. So if you don’t do that with Tweet Adder, you are safe to go.


  8. Nice review on TweetAdder. I am looking forward to give it a try. Hope it will be a great fun.

  9. Whatever you do, please read Twitter’s policy first Following Rules and Best Practices

  10. I just bought tweet adder a few days ago and what i notice is that its not worth the while. You can search twitter for people tweeting about your niche and follow them. With tweet adder you can get about 200 followers/day = 30*200= 6000 followers/month (remaining in the safe zone) so in order to get 40,000 views to your website you would need around 4,000,000 followers.
    How many months did it take for you to get 60,000 followers? (im assuming 6-10 months)
    How many visits do you get per tweet you post with a link in it to your blog? (im assuming 600/tweet)
    Lastly would you still recommend it even though it is not a fast way to get a good amount of followers keeping in mind that there are sites which get you 10,000 real followers for $5?

    • Hey Aron,

      I’ve never said that using the tool will return overnight results. Finding the right followers without following too much people does take time.

      One thing I didn’t understand though is how you calculated that 40,000 views equal 4,000,000 followers?

      I’ve been on Twitter for over two years. I didn’t try Twitter until an year ago, so that makes more than 10 months. Before starting with Tweet Adder I had already gotten around 10,000 followers though. As for visits, Twitter is bringing me over 6,000 monthly visitors.

      I would recommend it as a way to filter out the bad from the good followers. And as far as those sites, offering thousands of followers for 5$ go, I don’t at all have faith in them.


  11. I just started working with Tweet Adder yesterday and have been seeking some experienced opinions. Thanks for the post and for the coupon code!