How to Make the Most out of Your Twitter Presence

Marketing your business on Twitter isn’t as straight-forward as it might seem to many of you. Tweeting is easy. Getting your followers to click on the links you share, to retweet them or to buy the products you promote isn’t.

This page is for all of you folks, who are struggling with Twitter followers, retweets, clicks and traffic. Below are the most important Twitter tools I use on daily basis, an awesome eBook to help you get started and a list of articles to give you the tips you need:

Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter Dummy Guide

Twitter Dummy Guide is an eBook designed to help social media enthusiasts who are either starting out with Twitter or who have hard time succeeding at getting traffic.

The focal point of Twitter Dummy is increasing your followers. In it you can find ton of advice on what to do and what not to do. John Paul, the book’s author, will walk you through the tools he used to reach over 100,000 Twitter followers.

You will be given direction as to not only get more followers, but to also convert those followers into readers, subscribers and buyers.

The information is definitely worth more than what you pay and at just 18 bucks it’s a bargain. You also have a 30-day trial money back period, so nothing to lose.

Scheduling Twitter Updates


Consistency is not only key to blogging but also to successful tweeting. Two-three tweets a day just won’t do it. So how do you tweet your own content and your favorite blogs often and without wasting too much of your time?

The answer is Buffer! Buffer is a simple tool that allows you to schedule updates for Twitter. The thing that makes it different from all the other tools though is that you first set predefined tweeting times. You do this only once. From that point on, the only thing you need to do is to start adding tweets.

When you sign-up for the tool, you have ten slots, meaning you can schedule up to ten updates to be published. By signing up from the above link, you will join as may referral and both you and I will earn one additional slot.

Getting Quality Twitter Followers

Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder ToolTweet Adder is one of the tools that is hugely responsible for the over 56,000 followers I currently have on Twitter. What Tweet Adder does is to help me find targeted and relevant tweeps to follow via a variety of filtering options. There is a variety of automation options available, so you can choose exactly which tasks to automate and which to do manually.

All of the features and the results you will get from using Tweet Adder are well worth the money invested. Logging in several times every day is all you need in order to take full advantage of the software.

More about this great tool you can read in my article: “Tweet Adder Review – The Smart Way to Get Laser Targeted Twitter Followers

Expanding Your Twitter Reach


more traffic triberrAlthough a bit of self-promotion doesn’t hurt, getting poeple to retweet your content is a great way to receive some additional exposure. At the moment Triberr and its simple concept is the best way to harness the power of retweets.

The idea behind the service comes down to connecting with like-minded individuals and forming the so-called tribes with them. Each of the tribe members assigns an RSS feed of his blog. Whenever a new article is published, it is added to the tribal stream, where members of the tribe can chose to share it on Twitter. Although Triberr is all about helping you get traffic from Twitter, your tribemates can also like your posts on Facebook, StumbleUpon and Google+.

For further information on the workings behind Triberr: “Triberr Review: Multiply Your Twitter Reach and Supercharge Your Retweets

Getting the Most out of Twitter…

I strongly advice you to take the time to go through all of the tools I mentioned in the above paragraphs. Each one of them is helping me save time by automating a different Twitter component.

Now I’d like to highlight some of the articles on Twitter and tweeting that I have written throughout the months. Do check them out as they provide a lot of my personal experience. I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error to find what works and what fails: