Twitter Strategy: 4 Tweets You Should Consider Beside Article Links

Twitter StrategyThe point of my previous post about improving your Twitter strategy was to help you curate content from your favorite blogs easier and automate the process of sharing your own material.

As I see it, curated content and links to your own articles should be the ground layer of your Twitter strategy. While the previous post hopefully helped you simplify the whole process, it didn’t really give you new content ideas.

And today I would like to this a step further, by sharing some of the ways to diversify your tweets.

On top of those two basic types of content it might be worth coming up with other tweets to keep your audience engaged.

So what you will read in the next paragraphs are five examples of tweets you should consider adopting in order to make it a little more interesting for your followers to actually follow you.

Let’s get started!

1. The “Did You Know” Tweet

You might say that every tweet that provides interesting and useful information answers the “did you know?” question.

Then again to get those helpful bits and pieces you have to click a link and take a few minutes to read a lengthy article.

As opposed to doing that, the tweet I’m referring to provides the information without your followers having to take any further action.

For those of you who haven’t come across one of my DID YOU KNOW tweets here is an example:

Twitter Strategy - Did You Know Tweets
As the above image demonstrates, most of my “did you know” content revolves around useful WordPress plugins or different tools that help my productivity in terms of blogging and social media.

The same approach could be applied for pretty much every niche you can think of. 

If you can’t come up with anything, you can use your articles as a starting point and simply make a list of the most useful resources, tips, tricks and insights you have provided. What’s left is to sift out the best and turn it into tweets (also don’t forget to create a list so that you can use those tweets multiple times over time).

NOTE: As you might now Twitter images are a great way to bring more interaction to your Twitter content, so consider attaching one to your tweets when suitable (like I have done in the above example).

2. Motivational Content Creates a Lot of Buzz

Motivational content mainly takes the form of quotes or inspirational sentences.

While I’ve heard some criticism towards those types of tweets, my analysis concludes one thing - inspirational material receives above-average interaction in terms of both comments, favorites and retweets.

There are two ways to share quotes on Twitter:


  • By uploading an image for the quote and using the 140 characters left to add your own thoughts:

Twitter Strategy - Motivational Content

The best place to start your motivational quotes image search is Pinterest. Simply do a search with keywords like “motivational”, “inspirational”, “quotes” and everything related. Then you can head to Google Plus and again use the search box with the same terms.

Ten minutes into it you are sure to come across a lot of good material!

And what about frequency?

As I said earlier quotes can help you get exposure, but they are effective as long as you don’t overuse them. My current Twitter strategy includes one quote per day (excluding Sundays) and I certainly wouldn’t encourage you to go higher than that.

Remember the point we started with – your own posts and curated articles are the focal point. All else is a topping that aims to make your profile more interesting.

3. Links to Content Shared on Google Plus

Heard of the term cross-promotion? 

As you probably guessed we are talking about sharing content from one social network to another.

The idea? 

To bring people who follow us on one social network to another and also to generate more exposure for the post we are cross-promoting.

What this tip implies however is that you are active on Google Plus. If you are not, get started right away, as Google Plus is an awesome platform for bloggers and marketers and a great place to build relationships.

So what are the steps to follow? 

  • Share a post on Google Plus
  • Click on the date of the post to open it separately
  • Use the extension to shorten the URL automatically
  • Open up Twitter and create a new tweet with the shortened URL and the headline of the post
  • Possibly use the image from the original Google Plus post if bigger than 506×253 pixels (any smaller and you won’t get an image preview)
  • Consider adding a prefix to the tweet to let visitors know they will be forwarded to Google Plus. I use “From G+: “Insert Headline” link” format.

NOTE: You can do the same cross-promotion for Facebook posts. I highly recommend Google Plus over the former though, unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads due to the declining reach of stories shared.

4. Don’t Forget About Funny and Interesting

Came across a really funny comic, related to your niche… but you believe your brand is a little too serious for that?

Well I personally believe breaking the ice every now and then and looking from the funny side of things is a good strategy.

For one it shows you are not an evil tweeting robot, but a normal human being, exactly like your followers. All of this makes you more approachable, which unless you already have an audience of millions, isn’t a bad thing.

…Also did I mention those tweets almost always beat your ordinary headline-and-a-link kind of shares?

As an example, here is one of my latest tweets that can be labeled as “funny”:

Twitter Strategy - Funny and Interesting Content

An “interesting tweet” on the other hand is a bit more serious. It can be pretty much anything graphical that is related to your niche and provides interesting data or information in a concise way.

A good example is the content marketing periodic table, which I shared sometime ago:

Twitter Strategy - Interesting Content

NOTE: Don’t ever forget to save such images in a folder on your hard disk for future re-sharing, as most stay relevant years after they’ve been released.

Final Words

It should really go without saying that actual interaction should be the final element to your Twitter strategy. And when connecting, don’t simply thank people for tweeting your content.

Instead try to create a discussion. Ask a relevant question or simply how they are doing!

It doesn’t have to be hard.

Share Your ThoughtsNow I would like to hear your thoughts! 

What are your ways to diversify your Twitter stream? Have you tried any of the tactics described in the post?

As always all comments are much appreciated. Also please consider sharing the post if you found it helpful!

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  1. All great ideas. I used to use DIDYOUKNOW, so that was a great reminder. Quotes are already in my schedule so served to reinforce.

  2. Hi Daniel – Well, I just found you via a Twitter RT so there ya’ go, LOL. I love learning about social media, blogging, and WP so I’ll be back. Thanks for the great ideas re: other types of Tweets. Pinned and Retweeted!

  3. Steve Faber says:

    Daniel, nice post. The cross promotion with Google+ can be extremely powerful when used correctly. I’ve discovered it works best if your Twitter account is strategy driven, Tweets are tightly themed, and your G+ communities follow a similar focus. Thanks!

  4. Hi Daniel
    I personally do not use these types of tweets, but I know that I should
    In contrast to your “not so often” idea on quotes. I see someone like Kim Gast sharing such things continuously. Perhaps she wants to be known for that. I get tip tweets from her all day long. A bit much I think, but good in moderation.
    Thanks for the continued great ideas!

    • Hey Ashley,

      Yeah, some people seem to be quite fond of motivational material. I personally however believe that those should be more on the outer layer of a Twitter strategy. While I try to mix things up, my own content is what I build everything around.

      Thanks for the comment man!

  5. This is great advice, Daniel. I’ve enjoyed your “Did you know?” tweets, as they definitely stick out from the crowd. I’m guilty of almost exclusively tweeting article links, but I’m trying to move beyond that.

  6. I’d never really considered any of these types of Tweets apart from the motivational ones Daniel.

    I really like the idea though and I’m going to give them all a go over the next couple of weeks.

    I particularly like the Did You Know Tweets. I think they will go down well.

    • Hey Tim,

      I have to say that the DYK tweets work great indeed. You provide free information that is available right away – what better!

      Let me know how they work for you if you try them! :)

  7. Daniel, the DYK tweets pull people in. We love being asked questions. Gotta know the answers. Links rock but crafting good copy makes the links clickworthy. Otherwise they’re just garbled links :)

    I like switching between funny, motivating and my travel pics. I also use the word “photo” for each travel picture to increase shares. I see more RTs from these posts, because I learned that from you dude :)


    • Hey Ryan,

      Absolutely man, good copy is all that matters.

      You are doing it right. It’s all about mixing things up. I’m sure the travel photos work well for you!

      Thanks for stopping man!

  8. Hey Daniel,

    I found this great info. I never considered the ‘did you know’ phase. I like that and will try it and I used to do motivational tweets all the day. Feel away from it for now. You’ve given me some motivation to keep on tweeting. Thanks much.


  9. As usual, excellent content! I always learn something new when I read your blog posts. I always try to mix in something funny and interesting every once in a while but everything else is new to me. I will try them out and report back!

  10. Nice tips on Twitter Daniel. For few days, I was wondering if “Did you know” really worked, and after you said here, I am now sure that it will work. But it has to be something that people doesn’t really know of or isn’t aware of.

    I tried the motivational quotes and it has worked well for me. Images has worked the best for me.

  11. Excellent tips as always, Daniel! I had no idea that Facebook limits the sharing! I also have to spend more time on G+. Thanks for he incentive!